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Sitting on top of the world and enjoying unparalleled ocean views is the newly built Casa Till in Los Arcos, Chile. This is what a German couple envisioned as their private Nirvana spot on Earth and they got it.

With the help of the local firm of WMR Arquitectos the couple raised a small, single story wooden building that is wedged snugly into a cliff, and surrounded by 700 foot-high and 6 mile-long stretch of cliffs.

Build from locally sourced pine and powered by solar energy Casa Till boasts a tiny ecological footprint. Its spacious floor plan has an integrated system of sliding walls that allows for flexible room sizes and privacy levels. Its large floor to ceiling windows create a feeling of enormous surrounding space and enrich the living areas with astounding views of the unending ocean scenery. Its gravity defying massive sun terrace is partially built on stilts and overhangs the cliff’s edge. And when you feel like communing with dolphins and whales, a large staircase will lead you to the beach below…

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Despite the simplistic design and the home’s rather hazardous placement Casa Till makes anyone feel surrounded by warmth, safety and beauty of life.

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