Have you heard all the buzz about “smart homes”? Today, we want to share with you a new product which was just introduced to the market. It is a garden irrigation system which allows you to set up, remotely control and monitor your garden watering.

We know, you have been using a timer for your sprinklers for a long time and there are many other controllers popping up on the market almost every week. But Blue Marble is different.

First of all, it is battery-free. The system uses proven new technology for energy storage and its power supplies can last for

many years.

Secondly, Blue Marble delivers water not only to large area irrigation zones, but to individual remotely controlled solar valves and sensors in order to serve the needs of every single plant or a small orchard.

blue marbel3

The Heart of the system is the Controller. It is a powerful, Internet-connected, computer that, alone, automates your garden watering based on real-time data about weather forecasts. The free app allows you to monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or a tablet. Radio-controlled Drip Irrigation Valves let you subdivide and precisely deliver water to a group or a single plant. Lawn Valves manage irrigation of marshy or over-watered lawn, and solar Sensors measure soil moisture, light, and local air temperature.

The App can also handle multiple remote sites, which is very useful for owners of vacation homes or property management companies.

The system is completely modular. The controller works with your existing irrigation system and you can add other components at any time in the future.

blue marbel1
blue marbel 4

The Blue Marble devices are designed for effortless, automated operation, whether you are a novice gardener or an expert farmer. They will help you to conserve water, lower your utility bills and enjoy your vacations or business trips without worrying about your plants dying from water shortage.

Water scarcity is considered the #1 global risk for 2015 in terms of impacts to economies, environments and people, according to analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Based in California, Blue Marble founders don’t need to fly to African safari to see the consequences of the drought. They hope to attract community’s attention to the problem and to offer a simple and affordable solution for ordinary people.

Now, you can pre-order the Blue Marble controller on Kickstarter starting at $179, saving $70 off the future retail price. Blue Marble also offers a great deal for the first 100 buyers.

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