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What if you had your own grocery store attached to your house? And what if that grocery store saved you money on both produce and energy? Well, imagine no further; the day is upon us. A passive solar greenhouse, like the most famous one in British Columbia, could make endless, fresh produce a reality – Read more


Just when you’re thinking one can not re-invent a flowerpot… it happens. Some genius Spaniard, while sipping on Sangria during noon siesta, looks at the plant that is half bathing in the sun and has an epiphany – why not tilt the flowerpot so that the entire plant is facing the sun? Heck, why not Read more


One would think the last place the latest “smart” tech is going to end up is one’s garden but the solution inspired technology has caught up with us even in our dirt. “Connect, Cultivate, Thrive” is a slogan of Edyn – the smart garden system that lets you know what’s happening in your garden at Read more


Green roofs are one of the hottest concepts in sustainable living today, but they are not without problems – one of the most serious being, if you try to add one onto a preexisting structure, you run the risk of damaging the building due to all the excess weight. Soil + water = very, very Read more


With the modern push to eat healthily and avoid processed foods, many have taken to creating small (or large) gardens in order to grow fresh fruits and organic vegetables. The benefits of such a system are countless; however, there can be some serious drawbacks for an average gardener.  Here we address those challenges and want Read more


When it comes to water conservation the solutions are not black and white, they’re grey. You will find it (correctly) spelled greywater and graywater but whether you spell it with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’ it is one of the smartest strategies for maximizing your water economy. You see, we in the state of California Read more


We are so busy today–our homes, our work, and our families can be lot demanding on our time. But it’s a fact that life’s most soothing and exciting resources can be found right there in your own backyard! Landscapes offer a feeling of tranquility and peace. They are great for our soul, too. Therefore, when Read more


Adios Chlorine, Hello Natural Swimming Pool!

Swimming pools in California are awesome as folks can enjoy them for the most part of the year. You’ve switched to solar water heaters, energy efficient pumps, now what? The next step would be getting rid of the chemicals that make you smell like your sink’s water sponge after a nice skinny dip (privacy preferred). Read more


Zeroscaping for Dummies: a Lesson in Climate Compromise

I grew up believing that gardens were green. End of discussion. But when I relocated to the dry climate of Idaho, I found myself faced with the harsh reality that green gardens aren’t always an option. I’d heard of zeroscaping before then- the practice of landscaping using mostly rocks, gravel, and other non-organic elements to Read more


So you want fertilize your lawn. But you also want to avoid using unnecessary chemicals because of their potentially hazardous effects. So what can you do? There are several organic solutions for feeding your lawn without sacrificing environmental health. Most organic fertilizers are made from animal by-products, most often from animal dung, say cow or Read more