Photo: Ruby Peck-Hollembaek Farmer/Rancher
Photo: Ruby Peck-Hollembaek

We are so busy today–our homes, our work, and our families can be lot demanding on our time. But it’s a fact that life’s most soothing and exciting resources can be found right there in your own backyard! Landscapes offer a feeling of tranquility and peace. They are great for our soul, too. Therefore, when it comes to creating a space that’s perfect for your needs, there are so many interesting landscape design ideas offered by landscape design Florham Park NJ service. Let’s have a close look at few of them.

Aroma Garden

People are so sensitive to smell, especially the pleasant one. That’s why there are so many spa treatments that use scented water! All those who need inexpensive landscape design ideas could do well if they go for an aroma garden. Thyme, jasmine and lavender make great additions to backyard landscapes, and can also be combined with the plants and the flowers already in bloom.

Butterfly Garden

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than a butterfly. They remind us of rebirth and renewal and are so amazing to behold. Planting herbs and flowers (oregano or marigolds) by landscape design Florham Park NJ service can attract lot of butterflies to your yard, which makes a butterfly garden idea best even for small backyards.

Fire Pits

Some landscape design ideas do can well even without flowers. All those who have sufficient space can opt for a fire pit. This helps in creating a cozy outdoor living area. You can use natural stones, such as bluestones in your backyard landscape because they can be as subtle or as conspicuous as you’d like. Those who are on a budget can create a heaven even with bricks and concrete.


Not everyone can have a babbling brook in their backyard but installing a Koi pond or a fountain is a great second choice. Ponds and fountains come in all sizes and shapes, and are ideal for all landscaping ideas for small backyards. If you have budget and room, you can also ask landscape design Florham Park NJ service to install a small waterfall in large pond. This can even attract storks, ducks, birds who may be interested in a quick dip, or a bite to eat something during their migration to other areas.


If you can afford, and have a larger outdoor space, you can fill it with larger trees and shrubs. Hedges are best for backyard landscape design as they help in creating privacy in a totally natural way. As they create a natural fence, they help in cocooning you in your own outdoor living space. You can also use bamboo instead of shrubs or trees in your backyard. It’s a good plant that grows quickly, and can create a warm and inviting area.

Rounded Patios

Why do so many people assume that patios should always be rectangular or square? Many beautiful things in nature have rounded edges; maybe even your own backyard landscape should too. Rounded patios by landscape design Florham Park NJ service often look great when you use rounded wooden or wrought iron furniture, which invites conversation and intimacy. You can also install a fire pit, a water feature or a stone table right in the center of this circle to create a perfect symmetry.

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