The hottest trend at the moment when it comes to home décor and lighting is LED lights. These eco-friendly types of light bulbs offer a number of advantages – because they last longer than incandescent bulbs, use less energy, don’t get so hot and are 100% non-toxic. Also, they are very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways throughout the home.

With LED lights gaining in popularity, there have been so many creative ideas on the design front as to how these lights can be incorporated into the home. Here are some of the most fun and creative home design ideas for using LED lighting in your home.

1.  LED Door Handle

door-handle-led-flashlight dornob com

Imagine having door handles in your home that will light up with a glowing LED light and change colour from green to red when the door is locked. It’s a great way to show to others that the room is occupied, as well as help to find door handles in the dark. Although it seems like an innovation from the future, this is an invention that is available right now.

2.  LED Strip Lights throughout the Home


LED strip lights are a very versatile lighting option and they come in a range of colors, from blue to white to orange. They consist of a long glowing strip that can be used in many different ways, such as underneath a countertop, along the edge of a mirror, along the floor or even around an entrance way. They are subtle, but they really can help to illuminate specific areas. Why not think of all of the creative ways that you could use strip lights throughout the home?

3.  Light-Up Kitchen Faucet


Imagine hosting a part in a darkened kitchen and turning on the faucet to reveal a glowing blue stream of water. There are many different styles of LED faucets available that illuminate the flow of water for a dramatic and original touch. There are even some styles of light-up faucets that will change colour as the temperature changes. LED lights are completely safe to use in this capacity and they will also use very little electricity.

4.  Sculptural LED Lamps


If you want to add some style and artistic flair to your home, consider incorporating sculptural LED lamps into your décor. There are so many different types out there, from blocky and modern cube-shaped lamps to sleek and curvy designs – in a whole range of colours. When you find a light feature that is creative and artistic, then it not only serves the purpose of lighting up the room but also adds to the visual appeal of the décor.

5.  Motion Detecting Outdoor Lights

Lithonia Lighting at HomeDepot
Lithonia Lighting at HomeDepot

When it comes to LED lighting décor trends, don’t forget about your outdoor spaces as well! LED lights are great for use in your garden because they will be weather resistant and they can withstand hot and cold temperatures. There are many different styles of LED spotlights and lighting fixtures that would be great for a garden and some of them are even motion-sensitive so they will only light up when they are needed.

6. LED Christmas Lights – All Year Round


A string of LED Christmas lights can be great for holiday decorating, but they are also suitable for use in décor all year round. This type of lighting instantly makes any room feel cosy, romantic and a little bit magical.

How can you use Christmas lights to decorate throughout the year? First of all, avoid using green and red as they are more associated with the holiday season. Instead, opt for colours such as white, yellow and blue. Where should you place them? Here are some ideas to get you started:

·         Drape them over the headboard of your bed.

·         Place them around a mirror.

·         Fill glass vases or vintage mason jars with Christmas lights.

·         If you have a canopy bed, wrap the lights around the pillars of the bed.

·         Use the lights around the edges of the windows of the room.

·         Dangle them from the ceiling in one section of the room, creating a reading nook with a comfy chair and some pillows.

These are just a few of the hottest and most creative trends at the moment in home décor and LED lighting. Why not give some of them a try in your home?

AUTHOR: Alan Rosinski is a freelance writer and blogger who writes for numerous home décor and design blogs. He is currently renovating his home and is always experimenting with fun and creative design ideas.

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