Just when you’re thinking one can not re-invent a flowerpot… it happens. Some genius Spaniard, while sipping on Sangria during noon siesta, looks at the plant that is half bathing in the sun and has an epiphany – why not tilt the flowerpot so that the entire plant is facing the sun? Heck, why not design a mobile flowerpot that can allow the plant to move according to the trajectory of the sun? After all, more sun = more love = happier plants, doesn’t it?

Enter the Voltasol flowerpot with semi-conical base. Designed by folks at Studio BAG Disseny, this type of base allows for a slight movement of the entire plant around the pot’s axis which can either be generated spontaneously or be induced at will.

The inventors pride themselves for hand-making the pots from a red waterproof terracotta in La Bisbal d’Empordà (County in Spain famous for exquisite pottery works). As they state on their website: “The purity of materials and the respect with which we manufacture each pot turn them into special object, one of those unique and lovable creatures that end up forming a part of the family’s emotional landscape.”





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