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Bioclimatic House in Spain2

Arguably and despite its relatively recent origins, the current crest of the American green movement wave has been one of the broadest in terms of public awareness. However, America still has far to go when compared to the leaps and bounds that European and Asian countries have been making for over half a century, especially in the areas of building practices.

One example of such a project is Spain’s “House in Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization,” the brain child of Estudio José Luis Rodríguez Gil which was completed in 1995, about the time when the US government was outraging conservationists by curbing and cutting environmental regulations with “market-based environmentalism” and Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.” [click to continue…]


brad pitt make it right LEED home

Brad Pitt has been noticed these days more for his and his wife’s humanitarian activities more than for his acting. His nonprofit “Make it Right” has been involved with many housing projects that provide earth-friendly housing for those without homes, a sort of “Captain Planet” version of Habitat for Humanity.

One of his most recent projects has been his partnership with the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes of Fort Peck, Montana to build ecological homes, buildings, and communities on their reservation. Every one of the twenty different styles of homes is LEED Platinum certified, the highest rating in modern conservationism. In addition to the construction of these homes, the partnership will create a sustainable master plan for the entire reservation, covering thousands of acres and housing the over 6,000 Native Americans who live there. [click to continue…]


fort st john passive3Expensive but worthwhile work should be wrapped up this fall on Canada’s northernmost Passivhaus, a 1,895-square-foot home in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Coming in at almost double the initial cost estimates and double the challenges, this unique house is built in one of the harshest inhabited climate zones and deemed by local mayor as “the most significant Passivhaus on the globe.” [click to continue…]

cliff house chile2

Sitting on top of the world and enjoying unparalleled ocean views is the newly built Casa Till in Los Arcos, Chile. This is what a German couple envisioned as their private Nirvana spot on Earth and they got it. With the help of the local firm of WMR Arquitectos the couple raised a small, single [continue reading...]


Any energy efficiency minded home owner knows – maximizing natural daylight in key areas of the house not only lowers the electrical load but also brings enormous comfort and emotional wellbeing. When I lived in California I loved that blindingly clear bright sky but the winter nights would be so long I often wished for [continue reading...]


When you’re looking to build on a tight urban lot, the task is already daunting enough. But when you’re building that urban house in order to push the limits of net zero, ecological responsibility, and outdoor living, it helps if you’re an architect. The challenge is exactly what architect Buzz Yudell, principle architect at Moore [continue reading...]


While Styrofoam may be just about the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to eco-friendly materials, it turns out that it can be used to build a surprisingly energy-efficient, low-cost home. In fact, the very thing which makes it such a nightmare in landfills—the fact that it is very slow to degrade—makes [continue reading...]

solar salesman secrets

I started a part time job at SunGevity in 2013. We were not even trained in the knowledge about leasing vs. buying. Mostly 20 year old kids trying to “get a date” purveying the people at Lowe’s for SunGevity – a total exploitation of the people to only offer the average 5-7% savings for something [continue reading...]

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There are people who are eager to defy conventionality to such lengths that they are willing to live plainly on a plane. Bruce Campbell, 64, a retired electrical engineer from Portland, OR., calls his home a 737 Boeing Jet, purchased in 1999 and turned it into his personal residence. Ever since Bruce hauled the aircraft [continue reading...]

The Kantor Home7

When Etta Kantor decided to build her dream home in New Canaan, CT, she didn’t care about LEED certifications, or any recognition for that matter. Guided by her caring nature, Etta simply wanted to do the right thing – live in harmony with nature, use alternative energy and recycled materials, and conserve natural resources. When [continue reading...]