self cure for h pyloriThis is a personal account of how I cured myself of H. Pylori with natural remedies and treated gastritis with some meds prescribed by my doctor. I share this with you as my symptoms and experiences were rather different than most of the stories I found online when I was intensively looking for a way to relieve the suffering induced by this nasty bacteria.

I eventually got rid of Helicobacter (aka Bacter from Hell) Pylori and gastritis but some of my discoveries along the way may surprise you.  Hopefully you will benefit from this information, months of research and trial and error, and over a thousand of dollars spent on various supplements and drugs.  There is also an interesting update at the end.

My Symptoms and Search for Answers

Come to think of it, it all started months before the onset of serious symptoms of H. Pylori. Half hour to an hour after meals I was experiencing a dull stabbing pain in the upper and sometimes in the lower left abdomen.  This pain would sometimes disappear for weeks and reappear what seemed out of nowhere.

Eventually I started feeling very lethargic and could hardly drag my feet around the office.  My appetite was considerably reduced and even though I would put a full plate of food in front of me I was only able to eat about a third of my meal until I felt full.  At that time I blamed it all on sleepless nights and the stress that my wife and I had to endure over a complicated pregnancy and birth of our first baby.

It all came down on me in one day.  After feeling very weak I decided to have some coffee at the office and I was immediately experiencing funny bubbling noises in my stomach and seconds later I ended up on a toilet seat which felt like a violent Pompeii eruption.  My body could not handle any more acid.  I knew something was wrong and it couldn’t just be stress and sleepless nights anymore.  Next day I went to see my my doctor at PAMF in Palo Alto, CA.

me at gastroenterologist office
Selfie at PAMF before the procedure. 🙂

Numerous people online describe how their doctors never suspect and do not test for H. Pylori. Most will diagnose ulcers and prescribe antacids, which tend to exacerbate the problem. I suppose I was lucky as among other tests my doctor recommended a stool test for this bacteria.  Two days later the lab results confirmed infection of H. Pylori.  My doctor called me to explain that the bacteria was present and it could be the culprit behind my intestinal discomforts.  He invited me back in to suggest a treatment.

I was pretty shocked.  If you know me, I am a health orientated guy.  My diet is good, I walk quite a bit, I wash my hands all the time, in fact I am a bit of a germaphobe (thanks to my RN wife).  How could this bacteria ever find real estate in my intestines was beyond me.  My only suspicion was that I could have brought it back from my trip to India and Nepal a couple of years ago.

Traditional Medicine Treatment for H Pylori and Gastritis

Before I went back I did a lot of research and knew right away my doc will suggest taking a prevpac, which is a combo of acid pump inhibitors, aka protonics, (to reduce the extra acidity produced by the stomach and allow the ulcers and sensitive stomach lining to heal), an a couple of different antibiotics (to fight the bacteria itself).

After reading about the side effects and questionable effectiveness of prevpac I knew I would do everything in my power to look for more natural remedies.  After all, I was not interested in merely treating the symptoms but wanted to know what caused the bacteria and how I could have contracted it.  I wanted to go to the source and then find a total cure.

I went to my doctor and explained that I do not intend to take the prevpac and instead listed some supplements I was planning on taking.  He basically gave me a “good luck” look and we agreed to meet again when I come back for a retest and my prevpac.

H. Pylori is Not a Mystery

H. Pylori or Helicobacter Pylori in full has certainly been receiving a lot of attention lately and has acquired quite a bad reputation.  While deservedly so, it is also shrouded in many myths , accused of sorcery and conspiring against the state.  What I am saying is that it is not as “evil” as one may be led to believe. After all, according various research and stats over 50% of world’s population is unknowingly in cahoots with it.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, over 80 percent of individuals infected with the bacterium are asymptomatic and it has been postulated that it may even play an important role in the natural stomach ecology.  You hear that?  No symptoms or the darn thing may even be beneficial!  After all, you don’t see half of the town at the clinic complaining with stomach aches so any common sense would dictate there is something else going on.

H. Pylori and Stress Relationship

Prior to 1982 the medical establishment mostly thought stomach ulcers were merely a by-product of “stress and lifestyle.” But things changed after a “ground braking” discovery of two Autralian scientists Robin Warren and Barry Marshall who showed the bacteria Helicobacter pylori plays a key role in the development of both stomach and intestinal ulcers. In fact, they determined that H. pylori infection can trigger an ulcer by stimulating acid production in the stomach, leading to damage to the stomach or intestinal lining. They even went as far as infecting themselves and experiencing the results in order to prove their theory.

I suppose its worth a Nobel prize but these esteemed gentlemen did not answer one crucial question – How in the world this this bacteria end up inside of our stomach lining in the first place?  I am not saying I know myself but I have a hunch which I’ll share with you in my last paragraph.  First, let’s torpedo two big problems – H Pylori and gastritis.  Naturally, we must first tackle the source so we must wipe the bacteria before we can eliminate the pain, you agree?  Let’s get started.

H Pylori Elimination Protocol via Natural Remedies

h pylori and gastritis remedyThis list of food supplements was compiled via advice from a few blogs.  To be 100% frank I am not entirely convinced all of these supplements need to be taken but I did and it worked for me.

Since most of these supplements have been widely described elsewhere on the web I will only touch upon the basics. See product links on Amazon or iHerb for specifics (Note: iHerb offers good rates and fast delivery for international shipping; using the links below 1st time shoppers get 10% off their order.)

1. Monolaurin – a 12-carbon long fatty acid, derived from coconut oil but prepared into a mono-ester of lauric acid, which is found in coconut milk and breast milk (yep, the real nature’s miracle). 2 pills (600mg each) twice a day.  Total of 2400 mg per day.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

2. Probiotic VSL #3 – a concentrated pro-biotic, containing 8 different strains of beneficial bacteria.  Much research suggests, a potent (broad range of beneficial bacteria) pro-biotic alone can cure H. Pylori and accelerate the healing process. I took two capsules a day. (Amazon product link or an iHerb product which is cheaper and seems to be close in potency.)

3. InterFase Plus – is a “disarming” agent, a special enzyme formula that was designed to disrupt the bio-film to which H Pylori bonds and allows the Monolaurin and Manuka Honey to do its work.  This sounded good to me and made sense because my doctor was skeptical of any natural treatment because H Pylori hides behind the bio-film which, in his view, was impenetrable by any natural supplements.  (Amazon product link or a cheaper iHerb product that claims to do the same.)

A note from InterFase Plus manufacturer: “Biofilm consists of microorganisms encased within a self-produced matrix of exopolysaccharides and exoproteins that strongly adheres to interfaces and resists dislodgement. Microorganisms residing within biofilms are highly resistant to antimicrobials including antibiotics and bacteriocins produced by probiotics. InterFase Plus is a unique enzyme formulation with EDTA that is especially designed to disrupt the biofilm matrix that embeds potential gastrointestinal pathogens.”

4. Manuka Honey Active 16 – touted for its antibacterial qualities. I took a teaspoon on empty stomach three times a day before major meals and also one before bed time.  It tastes great, its rather expensive and effectiveness is questionable but since its such a “miracle” I took it anyways to be sure.  Make sure to go for the 15+ or a bigger factor.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

5. Mastic Gum, 500 mg, 60 Count – a powder exuded from the branches and trunk of the mastic tree that grows in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. There are many claims online this is another miracle supplement but honestly, the more I read the more I found out it does nothing to inhibit the bacteria itself.  However, according to the science of Ayurveda, mastic gum can help reduce inflammation by strengthening the inner lining of the gut and making a protective layer that guards against the damage of hyper-acidity during the h pylori infection. It is also said to be a digestive stimulant, adaptogenic, and among other things – an aphrodisiac.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Additional things I took:

Licorice Drops – Licorice root is well known around the globe for its anti-inflamatory, gastritis relieving properties and inhibiting of H Pylori growth.  Literature talks about the compound called carbenoxolone synthesized from glycyrrhizin which plays a key role in healing gastric ulcers along with reducing gastric secretions and promoting development of intestinal mucus lining.  If you’re prone to high blood pressure, get the DGL kind.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Olive Leaf – another natural antibiotic.  I took one by Gaia Herbs, two a day before food. At least for me it produce a string detox effects so this it was yet another reason to drink more water.  Get the ones in photo-capsules.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 16 OZ (with mother enzyme) – aids digestion and there is some evidence that, unlike all other vinegars, this one has an alkalizing effect and inhibits growth of the bacteria.  (Amazon product link. iHerb doesn’t carry it, try and get it locally)

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice – helps the body absorb nutrients during digestion and works as an anti-inflammatory – exactly what you need for gastritis. (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Aloe Vera Gel Inner Fillet – same effect as above if you’d rather swallow a spoonful rather than drink a glass of it.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Chamomile and Mint tea provided additional comfort.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Other Options/Alternative Protocol

Triphala – I did not take it while recovering from h pylori but had I known what I know now (after using it for a while later in my life), I would have made it a priority. Triphala is the go to formula for most gut issues, and is one of the most prescribed herbal formulas in the ancient Indian medical system,  Ayurveda. Triphala is known to exert antibacterial action against a variety of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (Streptococcus mutans), a gram positive, anaerobic bacterium mostly found between teeth, or Helicobacter pylori, the principal cause of inflammation in the gastric mucosa. (iHerb product link)

Ashwagandha – considered to be the “super adaptogen” and provides enormous amounts of benefits to the body. You’ll need something to calm the nerves and anxiety during this ordeal and this is the herb to do it.  It is said it reduce cortisol levels and could help reverse states of brain and nervous system degeneration.  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

Turmeric/Curcumin – I personally did not take it but this is an easily available spice in most continents but there’s some good evidence that turmeric is effective against peptic ulcers, H Pylori and a host of other gastric ailments. If you live in an area where you can not obtain most of the items on this protocol then do more research and give it a try. As a note of caution, start slow as some report that turmeric is such a potent anti H Pylori agent, it can cause a strong detox effect but others find it to be quite a relief and experience the opposite – complete wellness after a while. So start with half a teaspoon one hour before meal every day for a few days, then increase to one teaspoon and continue on. The study suggest “2 capsules [of regular turmeric/not extract] (250 mg each) 4 times daily, 1 h before meals for 4 and 8 weeks.”  You can also make a turmeric tea and drink that too but like I said – watch your doses and don’t over do it. If you don’t get the product I suggest from Amazon and choose to buy it locally then take it with a pinch of black pepper for better bio-availability. As I’ve recently learned myself – every culture has herbs to heal from all diseases and they are usually found in one’s “backyard.”  (Amazon product link or iHerb product link)

When to Take What Sequence…

Monolaurin – two pills (600mg x 2) twice a day.  Total of 2400 mg per day. Take two in the morning with breakfast, two at night with dinner. You’ll need a 30 day supply, 45 better to be sure.

Manuka honey – one teaspoon 20-30 minutes before each meal on an empty stomach, one more before bed on an empty stomach.

Mastic gum – take two pills (2 pills x 500mg each) on empty stomach in the morning, and two in the evening.  A total of 2000 mg per day.

InterFase Plus – take one capsule twice a day (2 capsules as recommended on the product) on empty stomach before or  between meals.

Take VSL probiotic right before meals or together but not after.  Two capsules a day. You’ll need one bottle of 60 caps.

Basically, you get up in the morning and take Mastic gum with plenty of water (hydration is key). Wait at least half hour then take Manuka and wait a bit as well if you can. Take the probiotic and eat a healthy meal, take Monolaurin with your meal. Between first and next meal take the InterfasePlus.  If you are willing to go the entire route then you can take any other supplements like olive leaf, licorice with food, and aloe after your meals to help digestion and ease the sooth the stomach.

Yes, I know, this takes “pill popping” to a whole new level but hey, it still beats popping the antibiotics and the rest of the stuff on the protocol suggested by my physician.

My Results of the Protocol

surprised GI doctorWhile taking these supplements and following a strict diet (no meat, no dairy and no gluten products) I started feeling the effects in about a week.  My appetite came back and body weakness started dissipating. I progressively felt better every day. The pain was reduced from rather unpleasant to nagging but it didn’t go away.  Six weeks later I had finished my self-prescribed supplement course and even though I still had slight abdominal pains I decided to get retested.

Lone and behold, when results turned up two days later they showed that Halicpbacter Pylori bacteria was gone.  Holy cow was I pleasantly surprised!  After all, some people say they try these supplements without results but I guess it was luck time for me.  Honestly, I really think most people just do not have the time or patience to go through this protocol.

The Healing Process

Little did I know getting rid of pain will be the toughest and longest stretch of my journey. Luck or not, the bacteria was gone but it was far from over for me as now it was healing time for the h pylori ravaged guts.  So off to the doc’s office again to see his baffled face and also request a referral to the GI specialist to address the pain.

The GI doc was very surprised to hear my story and said “Perfect!, I have a patient who cannot tolerate the prevpac and she would really benefit from a more natural method… would you mind sharing the supplements and the protocol?”  Honestly, that just floored me.  A doc asking me for advice about the info that is readily available online?  I suppose he just needed a guinea pig as myself for proof that the protocol is valid and effective.  Regardless, I was happy to contribute to the education of our doctors. 🙂

After complaining to GI specialist about my nagging abdominal pains she explained that the extra acid unleashed by the H Pylori bacteria caused some damage to the inner lining of my gut and she suggested I try some protonix which is basically an acid suppressing drug that has minimal side effects.  So she prescribed to take PANTOPRAZOLE (Protonix) 40MG EC TAB. Three weeks on that produced very very marginal results.  I would venture to say the drug was not effective.

We agreed beforehand that if protonix didn’t help, the next step was going to be the endoscopy to peek inside my intestines to see what’s really happening there.  So I signed up and showed up at the hospital.  RN was preparing to put me out via general anesthesia but I really wanted to drive back home myself (otherwise someone would have had to pick me up and drive my drunk brain home) so I asked how bad the pain was of procedure. From 1-10 the nurse said it was 4.  This was enough to go commando and weather the pain, plus I wanted to see the monitor and the camera inside my stomach.

After applying some anti gagging gel to my throat we were in!  It all lasted only about three minutes.  The conclusion was, I had no ulcers but the inner lining in my gut was irritated from bile that was coming up my stomach and irritating the inner lining.  In general this is known as Bile reflux – a backflow of bile into the stomach from the bile tract (that connects to the liver and gallbladder).

After asking what could have been causing this reflux the GI doc couldn’t really explain properly and I was left to seek my own answers.   Anyways, the next step was the prescription of Carafate (SUCRALFATE (CARAFATE) 1GM/10ML ORAL SUSP) which taken 20 minutes before food coats the stomach and protects it from acidity of bile.

Two weeks on Carafate was welcomed with a decent improvement but not full recovery.  Mild nagging pain would still occur after more greasy or spicy meals. Then my friend, who also had H Pylori infection a year earlier, suggested I take Vitamin E and also D.  I did more research, it all made sense so I went and got some quality vitamins.  We moved back to Europe two weeks later and about a month later I noticed all of my symptoms and aches were entirely gone… period, done, finished.

Note on the Vitamin D: Studies have shown that people infected with H Pylori tend to be Vitamin D deficient.  Whether it is the H Pylori that depletes the vitamin or the deficiency itself invites H Pylori is still in question, however what’s important is that the is a direct relationship between the two. There is a study demonstrating that high doses of Vitamin D can kill H Pylori via natural antibiotic in the body called cathelicidin peptide LL-37.

H Pylori, Gastritis and the Quality of Your Drinking Water

One of the things I can not encourage you enough is to drink LOTS of water – water is essential in washing out acids and toxins in your system.  Remember your chemistry class – H2O is essential for chemical processes to take place.   It is vital you do NOT drink sterile or soft water (purified by Brita or any other filter).  I believe drinking only purified water (void of calcium and magnesium) contributed to my gastro problems. Read this about drinking deminirelised water: ( I was totally oblivious to this and was sold by all the impurities hysteria so we only drank filtered water.

According to the study in the link: “Recent epidemiological studies suggest that low mineral drinking water may be a risk factor for hypertension and coronary heart disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, goitre, pregnancy complications and several complications in infants. A study of this kind conducted in 1992 by Lutai on two populations living in areas with different levels of dissolved minerals showed that the population of the area supplied with water low in minerals showed higher incident rates of these disease. Children living in this area exhibited slower physical development and more growth abnormalities, pregnant women suffered more frequently from oedema and anaemia.”

My Lessons and Conclusion

Throughout my ordeal on looking for a more holistic approach to deal with H Pylori and gastritis I did an immense amount of research and thinking.  As mentioned earlier, my gastro intestinal problems really coincided with a time in my life when my wife and I were going through a tremendous amount of stress related to pregnancy.   Weeks later I even had an appendectomy due to the flare up of my appendicitis.  I believe this too was related to stress rather than diet or anything else.  Also a very peculiar fact is that all of my symptoms completely vanished after my stress levels dropped upon moving back to my home country in Europe.

My parting thoughts are these: proliferation of H Pylori as well as gastritis is a product of stress.  My hunch is that H Pylori came up to my stomach via excess bile produced by stress. Here’s what a new stress study found to support this theory:

The study proves for the first time how cortisol controls the recycling of bile acids. Obviously, if you get too stressed out, you will be making excess bile and sending it to your gall bladder, a system that can get overloaded. This will cause excess bile to dump into your small intestine and start refluxing back towards your stomach. This will cause heat or burning across your lower ribcage, as bile moves backwards through your small intestine and into your stomach.

My final advice would be this: before you spend hundreds of dollars on drugs, supplements and any other magic potions to cure your symptoms you must first address your lifestyle and stress levels.  My case proved that it didn’t matter what kind of supplements I took if I didn’t reduce my stress levels.  This protocol mentioned above will work to eliminate the h pylori bacteria but your stomach aches may not go away that easy.

Hope this helps and I wish you much patience.  If you have any stories of your own or any further questions then feel free to chime-in in the comments below. If you go for this protocol let me know how you do!


Ever since I did this protocol many other supplements came to light that could be helpful in eradicating H. Pylori:

Butyrate: some researchers discovered it can destroy the cell wall in H. pylori. You can simply increase more foods rich in butyrate or buy it in supplemental form.


It’s been about five years since I had to battle with H Pylori. For the past year I’ve been experiencing some gastrointestinal problems.  Nothing like the one with h pylori, no gastritis, no pains, just adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, and really bad insomnia, possibly due to some inherited methylation issues or leftovers of Lyme’s disease (yeh, imagine that, I managed to get that one too). So in search for answers I though, what the heck, let’s test for H Pylori too. So I submitted both blood and stool test. Holy cow!!! Two days later my blood test came back positive for H Pylori antibodies and in a very high count but two days later my stool test came back negative.

So what’s going on?  Well, I then learned that blood test can be an inaccurate indicator because it only looks for H Pylori antibodies; it does not indicate the current infection.  As the source indicates: “h pylori serology [blood test] is “useful in detecting a newly infected patient, but it is not a good test for follow-up of treated patients because it does not indicate present infection with h pylori. The antibody titer may remain elevated for a long time after h pylori eradication.

Stool test is more accurate because active infection from bacteria can actually be detected this way. The most accurate test is the biopsy during endoscopy. So it appears I DO NOT have H Pylori again but my body has naturally developed antibodies  because I did not treat the infection with antibiotics!  What this means is that there is a natural immunity and I’m WAY less likely to get it again over someone who inoculated the bacteria with triple antibiotic.  Cool, eh?  Yet another reason to go the natural route and use this protocol.


Over the past year I’ve learned how many people are actually experiencing various and debilitating health issues from mercury in their silver (amalgam) fillings. I had a total of seven of them and had them all safely removed last month. This made me think… “What if my H Pylori experience too was related to my slow mercury poisoning? Lone and behold, there is a study (The impact of amalgam dental fillings on the frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection and H. pylori eradication rates…) that points to this is a very plausible cause: “RESULTS: The frequency of H. pylori infection was significantly lower in the filling group compared with the nonfilling group. CONCLUSION: This is the first study to show a lower frequency of H. pylori colonization in patients with amalgam fillings than without and that H. pylori eradication rates are lower in patients with amalgam fillings compared to those without.”

The same study clearly states: “Mercury exposure is encountered most commonly in individuals with amalgam fillings. The toxic, bactericidal, and immuno-suppressive effects of mercury are well known.” This is absolutely mind blowing! I’ve been blaming H Pylori on my stress levels but now I’m almost entirely convinced that it is mercury that suppressed my immune system and paved the road for H Pylori infection.

176 thoughts on “DYI for Natural Cure of H Pylori and Gastritis at Home?”
  1. I agree with you about stress and GASTRITIS. I’m right now looking for natural healings for my ulcers and gastritis. I’m already doing some things you did. I’m waiting for some suppplements arrive to my house.
    I always feel that my hight levels of stress (for years )are the base of the problem I have right now, overall because I eat very healthy (for years too). I mean what I said. I think most of the information out there only talk about H.pylori for this gastric problems and forget the stress like a huge important part of this puzzle. I think without the stress I have is not way Hpylori will be living in me.

    1. Hi Kevin, I had some anxiety from overall discomfort and uncertainty but nothing too major. I meditate and lead a spiritual life so depression never really had a chance to creep in. Best is to take this a challenge and strictly stick to the protocol without exceptions. I can imagine depression can only make the h pylori symptoms worse as stress must be the biggest contributor to h pylori’s proliferation in our system.

  2. What is your take on reducing stress through prescription (xanax) while attempting to heal H Pylori? I was just diagnosed this morning after my biopsy results came in. I want to take an all natural approach taking many of the supplements you’ve listed above, while keeping my anxiety down with my prescription. I only fear this might be adding fuel to the fire.

    1. Hi Crystal, you know I would do everything possible to address the stress and anxiety first, otherwise the H Pylori problem may not be helped very much naturally. I feel using prescription drugs is only a temporary solution which only masks the inner turmoil. Look up some natural way to deal with that anxiety. I would highly recommend visiting an Ayurveda/Chinese medicine specialist for that. Good luck

  3. Hi there! I know this was written a while ago. My question to you is I have been through months of stomach issues. I have gastriris (no h.pylori). However, I do think I’m having bile backflow. Did yours just go away on its own? From everything I have read there is no cure and you may have to get surgery. After taking vitamin E and D? Which would you recommend and how much?

    Also, did you experience any IBS like symptoms while going through your situation? Any info you could give would be of such help.


    1. Hi Kristina, I think a prescription of Carafate and good diet was what finished my pains. I am still not sure what exactly triggered that bile back flow but very likely it was stress. Now, interestingly enough a couple of years later I developed some other issues with insomnia, etc. My main concern today is that I feel heat (not painful) in my stomach about half an hour after I eat something. I spoke to holistic doctors (both Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda), they thought this was acid or bile coming up but somehow I doubt it. It is on and off, usually after a stressful event. Still trying to figure out what I’m dealing with here (probably something to do with my liver as I wake up at the same time that lived is regenerating at night (12-2:00am).

      Have you tried any changes in the diet? What helped me to relieve my symptoms was what one Ayurveda doc told me: Eat big meals in the morning and afternoon, last meal around 3 or 4pm, evening might eat some clear broth but not much more. This allows the digestion system to rest and recover over night. Another big tip: Chew your food very well, 30 times or more prior to swallowing and NO liquids with meals. Water dilutes the stomach juice and interferes with proper digestion. This is what I would try if I were you: try Sattvic diet (look up online) for a week, don’t eat anything after 6pm, chew food well and NO liquids with meals but hydrate a lot in between – at lead 30 mins prior to meals and at least 1 hour (2 better) after meals. Let me know how it goes, OK? Best wishes, Tadas

  4. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could tell me the dosage of Interfase Plus you were taking? I’m up to 1 pill twice a day but I’m not sure it’s enough. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica, I don’t remember right now how much I took but it was more than 2 a day for sure. Producer of Interfase Plus has a “Suggested Use: 2 to 8 capsules daily between meals or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.” 2 total a day maybe too few, I know I used up entire bottle in one month so very likely I was taking at least 4 a day on empty stomach. Good luck.

        1. First thing in the morning about half hour before breakfast and also before food later in the day.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I am curious if you remember the sequence/timing of your taking all these pills? Should mastic gum and monolaurin be taken twice a day before meals (1hr), followed by manuka honey (half hr. Before meal).. Then probiotic w meal? Then when to take interfase? I just wonder if the biofilm buster needs to be taken prior to the gum/monolaurin? Thanks!

    1. Hi Evan. Manuka honey – teaspoon 20-30 minutes before each meal on an empty stomach, one more before bed on an empty stomach.
      Mastic gum – empty stomach too. InterFase Plus is taken between meals. So you get up in the morning and take Mastic gum with plenty of water (hydration is key). Wait at least half hour then do Manuka and wait a bit as well if you can. If I remember correctly I took probiotic right before meals (or together but not after) and Interfase between meals. Good luck

  6. HI,

    Curious if your symptoms also included extreme fatigue, and disturbed your sleeping.

    I can’t sleep for more then 3-4 hours straight then get woken up by my stomach sorta churning (lightly) including feeling extremely weak as if something was holding you back. This also includes a little brain fog, where I have light sensitivities as well as things look too dark/dim?

    I’m doing most of what you listed, minus the interface plus, & Monolaurin (which i take Virgin Cold pressed coconut oil),.. My symptoms seem a little better but my improvement hasn’t been what I expected. I’m hoping the Biofilms work..

    Do you have any good articles that turned you onto trying Interfase Plus? Or do you know of any like products?

    Mahalo for your post! this gives me hope!

    1. Hi Kev, yes I did have fatigue and it totally makes sense that your sleep is disturbed as well. I had read a couple of studies that showed a disturbed gut flora can affect our mental health. I too experienced some brain fog but luckily I jumped on the problem very quickly and saw my symptoms improve within a week or so.
      Now obviously, I’m not a specialist in this but coconut oil alone may not be potent enough as the concentrated version of Monolaurin but I’m sure it is still beneficial. I researched Interfase Plus and read other articles where folks recommend it so if you look for it online you should find some good sources, like holistic practitioners, etc. One of them was – “Dr. Ettinger’s Biofilm Protocol for Lyme and Gut Pathogens.” There are probably other similar products but I’m not aware of them.
      I don’t want to open a whole new Pandora’s box about natural H Pylori treatments but things I learned from experimenting with various things over the years dealing with other issues I now believe another good approach (perhaps much faster) would be to do an acid flush cleanse ( modified version of Hulda Clark Gillard method from “Cure for all Disease”) and a two day fast (no food whatsoever). I read that a short fast (up to 60 hours)can increase our metabolic rate and (I’m only guessing) it would allow the body to attack the bacteria and eradicate it faster. Again, the last idea is only speculation that I would only undertake with more research so its something to keep in mind.
      Good luck and remember “this too shall pass” 🙂

  7. Just wondering if you know if the Mastic Gum and/or Manuka Honey falsify H-Pylori lab results; and will you share your findings with me please? The doctor has a lab referral for me to get tested, yet states not to have taken any prescription medication for a period of two weeks prior. I have been taking Manuka Honey for one month and Mastic Gum for one and a half weeks. I do not want to stop my “self treatment” for two weeks, but if I have to, to receive a true lab result, I will. Do you have an knowledge on this area? Thank you.

    1. Hi Luisa, I’m not a doctor but I do not see any feasible reason why why mastic gum or honey would falsify lab results. Mastic Gum is a food supplement and does not fall under “prescription medications” and honey is just, well, food 🙂 If you come back negative on H Pylori then it will be good news, that means your protocol did its job.

  8. Thank you for your speedy response. I called the lab – they did not know, I called the Manuka Honey distributor – they claim no medical advise, and the doctor only refers to medical prescriptions. I am going to continue to take my Mastic Gum and Manuka Honey, as I do not want to interrupt the flow of healing. My test is on Tuesday, I will let you know. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

  9. Hi there! (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find your name on the article)

    I hope you’re still receiving notifications for comments on here and could help me by shedding some light on the diet topic.
    I read you followed a strict diet during your treatment (no meat, no dairy and no gluten products) and this is exactly what I want to do as well, which won’t be too hard since I’m already a vegetarian that avoids dairy 80% at of the time. However, I’ve read other h. pylori eradication success stories around the internet and it seems like most people swear by a much more strict diet that, unfortunately, INCLUDES meat. That being no grains, no corn and no soy. Something along the lines of the Paleo Diet. What’s your opinion about that? How did you get to the no meat/dairy/gluten diet choice?

    Thank you so much for your time and congratulations on this very informative article.

    1. Hi Bea, I honestly do not know how and if diet itself contributes to eradication of H Pylory but I arrived to the diet conclusions for myself based purely on how my body deals with various nutrients. While dealing with the helicobacter bug my digestions was very poor, acidity high, so I simply wanted to consume food that would be easy to digest, absorb and so on. No dairy because of all the added mucus that holistic nutritionists say covers the digestion tracks and prevents nutrients from being absorbed properly. I think you have to be reasonable and feel your own system – take nutritious, easy to digest food that does not cause additional inflammation in your system. Good luck, you’ll be fine.

  10. Hi Sunshine. ……your an absolute sweetheart for sharing your story. …Thankyou x
    I have been ill for over six years now and wasted so much money on specialist that would make you cry ….well it does make me ???? anyways after such a long journey it wasn’t until my son started to get ill that I took him to 4 different doctors and the last one said let’s test him for HP….bingo. …sadly he tested positive and now looking at the whole picture and reading your story and many many nights reading and researching I feel this has been the cause of my very ill health that has robbed my life from right under my nose….I have always leaned to more natural ways and we are now doing mastic gum. Manuka honey. Coconut oil. Very good probiotic. Vitamin C. Zinc. Eating very clean. Consuming homemade foods including bone broth. No sugar no dairy. .and eating home grown lemon balm for stress and sleep interruptions (*does block thyroid meds if you are on them ) I am so so frightened that when we do finish the protocol that we may not be totally finished so for backup we invested in matula tea to have after all this. ……was wondering what your views are on this tea ….I am going to get some interfase asap but it’s a bit hard here in Australia to find will be asking our new Metagenic Doc about it. …..once again THANKYOU! … your wonderful and don’t let anybody tell you different xx

    1. Well, hello back! Happy to hear you finally nailed the diagnosis for your son. H Pylori is easy to diagnose IF the doctor has enough insight to actually suspect it to be the culprit. I had done research on Matula Tea and and the feedback from folks that took it was very very mixed. I’d say the majority noted it didn’t help them. I would be cautious trying various products by themselves without a proven protocol. You might be setting yourself up for a disappointment. The supplements I mentioned here work in a synergetic way, some complimenting each other, some for backup but this protocol, I feel, covers all the bases. I highly recommend following it in the way that I described here, because this is what worked for me and many others. See if Amazon will ship to Australia; they are pretty good about international shipping these days. I hope you’ll get rid of this bacteria sooner than later and recover your vitality. Sending many warm wishes your way. Stay in touch.

  11. I have a question! But first I wanted to share since the protocol I followed for the past 5 weeks is extremely similar to yours. It was basically what you did minus the InterfasePlus. (I read Ettinger’s article as well so I looked into the supplement. The studies I read on the active ingredient, EDTA, and the potential side effects scared me off of it.) I understand that disrupting the biofilm is important but I hoped since I caught my infection early (I’m 99% sure I only had the bacteria for maybe a week when I began treating it) the biofilm wouldn’t have had a chance to form.

    I’ve just finished Week 5 of my protocol: 1200mg of Monolaurin twice a day (morning and night), 4 teaspoons of Manuka Honey a day (30 minutes before meals and one at bedtime), 1000mg of Mastic Gum twice a day (two pills upon waking, two before bed), 1 teaspoon of L-Glutamine every morning for stomach lining healing, 38mg of Zinc L-Carnosine twice a day (in the form of PepzinGI) for the same reason, 1 Solaray Digestaway Digestive Enzyme pill to aid the stomach in the digestion of food with each meal, and 1 packet of VSL#3 medium strength (450 billion/packet) every morning with or after breakfast. I occasionally added in things like cold-pressed aloe vera juice and decaf green tea to help soothe my stomach. I also cut out all dairy, all acidic foods, red meat, all gluten, and almost all sugars including the natural sugars found in some fruits and vegetables as well as those found in grains. (I did occasionally have a treat/cheat of 2 tablespoons or so of peanut butter made from unblanched, unsalted peanuts at 1g of sugar per 2 tbsp with celery sticks when I couldn’t take the sugar cravings.)

    Now for my question (I know, I took my sweet time getting here): I’ve decided to wait for a month until I get re-tested. I’ve heard you should wait at least 28 days after completing an H.pylori protocol to get re-tested lest the test yield a false negative. However, I’ve read your comments and wanted to ask: Did you wait to get re-tested or did you continue your protocol up until the day you were tested?

    My concern is that continuing to follow the protocol could subdue the bacteria in the stomach to “acceptable” levels and therefore yield a false negative when it fact the bacteria is still present. Have you ever been re-tested after you had been off of your regimen for an extended period?

    1. Wow, good job on the diet Lydia, sounds like you really did everything you could. As far as the Interfase supplement is concerned it will be interesting to see whether you did well without it. If you test negative it means it may not be an absolute “must” for the protocol. You know, it is best to ask those who understand the biofilm part. I thought the biofilm is always there, it doesn’t just form with H Pylori but is always present in our gut. Problem is that biofilm supposedly prevents the natural supplements reaching the H Pylori bacteria and that is why it would makes sense to include the InterfasePlus product, because it allegedly brakes down that biofilm. Anyways, if you didn’t take it then I wouldn’t worry about it. Your diet and the rest of the protocol should have taken care of the issue. I was led to believe that the most important supplement in the entire protocol is the Monolaurin one.
      As per your question, I took all my supplements and finished the most expensive ones like Inerfase and VSL probiotic within the month and then I kept taking the rest maybe for another 7-10 days after which I went to see the doc. I wouldn’t worry about false positives here, these are natural supplements that make an environment for H Pylori inhospitable to the point where it can no longer survive. We’re not talking about subduing here, it should be a total wipe-out. From what I researched, there is a large percentage of people (depends on race and age) who always cary this bacteria in their gut but in some different “compartment,” so to speak, where it doesn’t cause any problems. You could have contracted it from somewhere or some other conditions could have caused the bacteria to move and colonize in your gut.
      Your last question, no I never had to test for it again as I never felt any symptoms that I had during the infection. Don’t worry, sounds like you’re on the right track. Go get tested again and come back to share your findings and experience. Good luck, Tadas.

      1. Hello Tadas,
        I believe you mentioned in your article that you got retested several years later correct?
        A side question if I may, does it make a difference if I choose to take Lauricidin mini-pellets instead of the capsules (or rather is it okay to have either one of them)? After 10 days of taking the capsules, I switched to Lauricidin pellets.

        1. Hi Nassim, from what I know, it is the same thing so shouldn’t make any difference as long as you keep the dosage similar. Yes I did get retested because I had other issues so wanted to rule out H Pylori.

          1. Thanks Tadas for your response.

            The only dosage it comes with is a 3000 scoop (1 teaspoon). So it is hard to get an exact 2400mg/day from a teaspoon. I try to to go 80% of the teaspoon/day which should give the desired 2400mg.

            One more question if you do not mind: I have been doing the treatment for like 10 days now and I am thinking of switching to just the interfase (without the plus). My BM are not normal at all since I am on the treatment. I am also concerned about the use of EDTA in case I have mercury or something harmful in my system. DO you think I really need the plus?

          2. To be frank, I have no idea but I think you’ll do just fine without it. No studies I read emphasized EDTA for braking down biofilm. As far as diet… yes I recommend a very bland diet, definitely no chocolate or chips that are full of oxalates. You need to give your gut a chance to heal with easy digestible, nutritious food. No need for fish only diet as well – just eat your protein, veggies and healthy fat, you’ll be good. 😉

          3. I agree that the diet makes sense from he “gut healing” prospective, but I am more concerned about HP erradication at this point. So, would my diet with some chocolate and sometimes chips (to stay sane) still be okay for erradication purposes only?

            Thanks again!

          4. Nassim, you’re asking a guy who’s ready to do anything, eat anything for any period of time to stay healthy or regain health, so what do you think my answer will be? You’ll be much more sane from getting rid of this bug than stopping chocolate for a while. In general though, if certain foods do not make your condition worse, then perhaps they are fine for you anyways. You be the judge.

  12. Wow thanks for an amazing article and the very helpful comments as well. I wish I had found this earlier. After trying for 6 months in various ways to eradicate my h pylori naturally I ended up going on the triple therapy (amoxicillin, Clarithromyacin and a PPI). I was so scared of doing it but I just kept being told again and again that I needed to do it and that it would resolve my gastritis, but after finishing my course I am worse off than to begin with…which was always my fear. I feel pretty devastated and haven’t gotten many more answers. I’m scared that I have damaged myself with the antibiotics. Has anyone else had this experience? Need a bit of hope here! Am thinking of buying the VSL 3. Am also doing Mastic, zinc carnosine, DGL, l glutamine, a 55 billion probiotic and saccaromyces boulardi. Paleo diet as well. Seems to be getting worse though. Would appreciate some insights if you have any. Thanks so much, Nikki

    1. Hi Nikki, perhaps someone else who had gone the triple therapy route can chime in more but as far as I can say based on my research is that feeling worse after the prevpac is not uncommon because it hadn’t worked and all the acid that was blocked before with PPI is now causing more pain in the bacteria colonized gut. I wouldn’t worry about any serious damage from antibiotics. It is mostly people who abuse antibiotics who can have problems down the road when their bodies do not respond to them. Do the protocol I mentioned if you can, it works in all fronts to help eradicate h pylori as well as healing the gut lining, etc. Also, I’d go to the gastroenterologist for a check up if you feel awful as there could be others factors involved. I honestly think H Pylori is a symptom of something else going on in our bodies and lifestyle. Hang in there and check in when you have some answers, perhaps others will find it useful too.

  13. Hello 🙂

    Well, yesterday, after only eight weeks in on taking the protocol above, plus only eating fish and dark fruits and vegetables, my H-pylori blood test came back negative. I have however, lost 25 lbs and need to gain weight back, but I feel fine and healthy again. Being a hypochondriac though, I must ask this question: after finding out that the blood test for h-pylori is the least accurate between the blood, breath test, stool and biopsy; should I trust the blood test negative? My doctor will not approve of another test for me, so I am a little nervous that my negative result may be a false negative.

    Regardless, I feel better 🙂 and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, I am sure that you are helping so many people like me.


    1. Excellent Andrea, so excellent! Perhaps you went a bit too gung-ho on the diet part but if you feel good then it’s all that matters. 🙂 I wouldn’t doubt the blood test if you feel your digestion and gut feels normal. I’d say open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and slowly re-introduce other wholesome foods to your diet. I’m pretty sure the worst is behind you and once you start eating a bigger variety of foods you’ll feel great again. Be well.

      1. My apologies, it may seem like I am everywhere. I am reading through the comments to learn form others experiences. Andrea says that she had followed a specific diet. I didn’t change my diet. I eat as healthy as possible though but I still include white rice, dark chocolate, and chips etc. Did you follow any special diet? Should I start following a strict only fish diet? Thanks!

  14. Hello, I wanted to know what you would recommend for my 11 year old who I believe has an ulcer? Doctors have done 2 abdominal ultrasounds, blood work, and x-rays. All results came back normal. We are waiting for the stool test results to see if he has h-pylori. But my son is extremely uncomfortable and pain never goes away right by his navel. It just seems to elevate up and down and it gets worst around bedtime. I’ve given him chamomile tea with Manuka honey, ginger tea, organic fruits especially bananas, fresh organic vegetables, water , and cut out sugars. He also started on probiotics 4 days ago. His GI prescribed him Zantac, but haven’t started giving it to him yet, as I’m trying to go the natural route. Any help will be appreciated…thanks!

    1. Hi Jocelyn, sorry to hear about your little one. Have the docs diagnosed an ulcer or you only suspect it to be one? As with anything, you need an exact diagnosis to try and treat something, otherwise you might be shooting all over the place and missing the target. I am not a doc so can not be of much help with advice but one thing is for sure – if it is an ulcer then what’s causing it? Is it stress, diet, pathogens, a combination of all? Zantac might help with the symptoms but you know… you have to find the source of the fire in order to tackle the health issue holistically. Good luck.

  15. THANK YOU, firstly, so much, for taking the time to share this. So helpful.

    A number of folks here have asked about protocol, and you’ve addressed different parts of it in your responses.

    I’m still quite confused about what to take when, and am a little worried about taking several different supplements on an empty stomach (you indicate that mastic, manuka honey, VSL and monolaurin should all be taken before breakfast – also others have suggested Glutamine which according to the label also should be taken on empty stomach).

    And I have no idea when to take olive leaf, licorice, and aloe.

    I feel it’s a lot to ask, but would you be willing to share your full daily schedule of supplements with us?

    And lastly! Did you avoid coffee? I hear h pylori loves coffee…but so do I. *sigh*

    Again ENORMOUS THANKS from the bottom of my heart (and duodenum!)

    1. Hi Randy, I’ve just updated the article based on your suggestion to offer the sequence of supplementation that I followed. Again, this is what I did and I can not guarantee that this will work for everyone so please use caution and consult with specialists if you have doubts. I did not take Glutamine as I had no info about it back then. I did avoid coffee (not necessarily caffeine) because it made me feel more acidic and added to the gastritis troubles. Hope you get well soon.

  16. Hello, I was wondering if there are any warnings or precautions for pregnant women with any of the supplement mentioned in your article that you know of?

    1. Hi, I wouldn’t know but check the labels and manufacturers for more info. I would certainly exercise more caution during pregnancy. However, please see a good doc for good advice because heartburn (acid reflux) is one of the most common pregnancy woes because of progesterone. Your condition may have nothing to do with H Pylori.,,20527766,00.html

  17. Thanks for the awesome information.

    Unfortunately, I took the doctors recommended treatment for HP was prescribed Pylera and Prilosec for 10 days.

    I am thinking about following up with a 1 month protocol as you described to make sure its gone prior to my getting retested.

    Good idea or a waste of money?

    How much vitamin d and e did you take each day for the healing process? Could I take the healing process protocol (vitamins) while doing the back up eradication the way you did?

    1. Hi Dave, obviously we’re just making educated guesses here but I wouldn’t despair because some people respond just fine to the “standard” treatment. I would definately suggest to support your system with a good probiotic, quality vitamins and nutritious food. If you don’t respond to the protocol prescribed by MD or the bacteria comes back then definately try this protocol. Check out this study for vitamin dosages. The conclusion is very clear: “Adding vitamins C and E to standard triple therapy increases the eradication rate of H. pylori. Vitamins C and E may increase the eradication rate via increasing the effectiveness of the antibiotics by decreasing oxidative stress in the gastric mucosa and strengthening the immune system” NCBI Study Link. Good luck!

  18. Hi,
    I read your story and found it very interesting, I was diagnosed with H. Pylori 20 years ago. Tried to do the antibiotic treatment but couldn’t handle the pain it cause in my abdomen. I went to see a holistic doctor and she told me to drink potato juice 6 times a day before each meal for a month. That completely cured the discomfort. Last week, I had an endoscopy because I had terrible cramps and the pylori came back, I had a really bad stress episode and right after the pain started so, yes stress does something to revive a dormant pylori. Now, I am just trying to kill that bacteria for good and pay close attention to my stress levels. Off course we are what we eat so, eating a limited diet.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Adri, yep, I really do think it is stress related, well actually, most of our western deseases is either diet or stress related. From what I heard potato or cabage juice helps heal the gut and inner lining inflamation. By the way, if you feel your body doesn’t deal with stress very well then look into a good adaptogenic herb for yourself. Best to visit some Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist and he’ll advise you on the best one for your body type. Thank goodness the H. Pylori hasn’t come back to haunt me since that time. Anyways, much patience to you now, hopefully you’ll bounce back soon. Be well.

      1. Tadas
        Whats going on man i see you eradicated your H.Pylori. I am trying the same thing as you did but i am not sure if it is working i am almost done with my interfase this sunday i will be finished also i am taking everything else. I have stomach discomfort and burping but the doctor did a breath test and i did a blood test and they both came out negative i thought i still have it cause i was taking mastic gum and DGL but cause it show a false negative by taking those produts your insight would be great. I am also going for my endoscopy this monday coming up on the 21st since i am on this protocol will it show a false negative if i have something and they take a biospy



        1. Hi James, how long have you been on this protocol? Are you taking all of these supplements or some? Most importantly – are you taking a good pro-biotic? From what I know stomach discomfort can last long after H Pylori is gone. Gut needs to heal, plus you might have already had other issues with gut health prior to invasion of H Pylori (which is usually what happens anyways.) Breath test is not always reliable, and I do not know about blood test. I had to take stool culture, which was positive before protocol and negative after protocol. My gut too some time to heal too, just as described in the post. Endoscopy will show the health of your gut and it can not come back false negative because it’s a visual inspection, as you know. Hang in there and let me know what you find out during the endoscopy.

  19. I have been taking the supplements all month I am about to finish them this weekend well most of them anyway i still have 2 weeks worth of monolaurin and mastic gum. Yea i just want to get better and live my life normal it is hard as you know when you got something wrong with your stomach and cant find out what is wrong i went from 150 to 130 in 5 months i am hoping on Monday they find out what is wrong. Thanks for responding back i will let you know how it goes on Monday

    Thanks again

    1. James, from what I read and also my own experience, it takes longer to heal your gut than to get rid of the invading helicobacter. This is why you may come back negative and still not feel well. If nothing else is causing your discomfort, then it is just a matter of time till you feel better if you keep taking your supplements and eat well. Take care.

  20. Hi Tadas,

    i just found your website, i was looking for a natural protocol for h pilori, my brother had antibiotics before and it make him sick, and now he wants natural ways. Im thinking to buy him this protocol, can i ask you if you cure your hp and if you did the breath test after to make sure you eradicate it? also if anyone had great results like you with this protocol?
    I know healing the gut its important after killing HP, whats suppl you taking now ?

    1. Howdy Meryem, my doc did the stool test in both cases (to detect it and to confirm it was gone) but mostly I felt it myself when my energies and appetite bounced back. I think some people in the comments mentioned that this worked, plus I compiled this protocol from other success stories on the internet. I detailed all the supplements I was taking to heal the gut in the post. Direct your brother here so he can read up himself. Let me know if you have any other questions. Be well.

  21. HI tadas,
    thanks for replying,my brother speaks french this is why im helping him, yes i will make him try this protocol, waiting until i have enough money lol, please for interfase how many pill a day? also mastic gum 2000mg a day is so strong, i read that someone who had big dose destroyed the stomach lining, i just wanna make sure 2000mg is ok.
    After you kill hp, how long did you keep eating gluten/dairy free? whats the herbal med you keep doing for maintenance? thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Meryem, InterFase Plus – have him take one capsule twice a day on empty stomach before or between meals, just the way it is suggested on the product. I had no problem with mastic gum. I can’t possibly see how someone can claim that it could have destroyed the stomach lining but I’m not a doctor so please use your own judgement and research things very well before putting anything in your body as there could be other conditions involved. I have a feeling you can skip mastic gum altogether if you want, just make sure you include something else to help heal the gut like aloe vera or licorice, or anything else you can think of. Make sure your brother sticks to the protocol, otherwise it’s a waste of money. Once I felt fine, I went back on my normal diet right away, you just need to see mindful of your body and digestion and do accordingly.

    2. HI I just wanted to share my story. Thanksgiving 2015 I got really sick. I didn’t know how, but I was getting mild fevers and acid reflux that would prevent me from getting much sleep at all.

      I went to my doctor and he did several tests.. I came back positive for CMV (new infection based on the lab tests) I also went to a Gastro and got an endoscopy. I was diagnosed with Hpylori, and doctor noted my whole stomach was Red.

      Prior to getting sick, the month before I took an antibiotic for a bad sinus infection…. I can’t remember the name right now, but what I think happened to me was a domino affect…

      I took the antibiotic, that basically killed off all my good stomach bacteria, created an imbalance, and allowed the Hpylori (whether it was there before or not) create an active infection.. (Hpylori from what i know is a common bacteria, and I think an active infection is when it really affects your stomach).

      Anyway I blame the antibiotic, and to this day I FEAR antibiotics… I went against my doctors recommendation to take the ZPACK (two antibiotics and a acid suppressor). I read online, everywhere for a natural cure, including this website which probably provided me with the best baseline.

      I took mastic gum, Monolaurin, coconut oil, manuka honey, Curcumain, Interfase plus… I even crush up garlic and eat with a spoonful of honey… I’m not going to go into the detail of how my protocol went, but slowly my stomach started to feel a little better everyday.

      It’s been well over a year now, and I don’t know if i’m 100% healed.. but from what I’ve read it takes a long time for the GUT to heal.. So i’m not going to lie sometimes i get paranoid about not being cured from the Hpylori, but at least i’m not getting the pain or the discomfort that I had when I first was diagnosed.

      Currently I was still on an Interfase Plus, Monolaurin protocol.. Interfase between meals, and then monolaurin with food, or soon after. I think i’ve been managing well, and I feel like i’m in good health.. However I ran out of monolaurin for a few days, and felt like my stomach was getting this weird sensation again.. I couldn’t buy Monolaurin locally, because I live in Hawaii and I didn’t feel like I could wait for a few days for it to be shipped to me. So I found a local vitamin store and they carried, the SUN brand of Monolaurin.

      I’ve been taking this for a few months now, and I feel like it works better then the brand of Monolaurin from Ecological formulas.. I’m not sure why, but I do notice a difference..

      Anyway I’m sharing this because I do think that there are natural ways to get rid of this bacteria.. However it might take a lot of time, effort, and stressful nights.. I feel for people, because having Hpylori is scarry at first. Psychologically it can really affect you as it did for me. However, I believe you will get over it…

      I’ve never got tested, for Hpylori again, but I don’t feel the need to.. I feel like knowing that it’s possible that I still have it forces me to eat the right foods, get good exercise, proper amounts of sleep, and to take the supplements that help me live a healthy life..

      I seriously will not take anymore antibiotics and would rather stay on a protocol of eating healthy, taking known supplements that fight bacteria naturally.

      Warmest Aloha to all!

      1. Hi Kev, my advice would be to go get tested for H Pylori and if you’re negative (and it sounds like you are) then quite all those supplements ASAP. There’s absolutely no need to be taking them, in fact, too much of a good thing can turn bad too. Monolaurin is an acid; just take pure organic coconut oil, you’ll be way better of. The Interfase enzymes serve a specific function, it is not a necessary nutrient, there is definitely no need to take it long term. Don’t be paranoid, just be brave and get tested. Then keep eating right, manage stress and you’ll should be fine.

  22. Hi, I am experiencing same issue with failed antibiotics treatment. I am starting to go through this protocol. For me biggest problem being vegetarian and heavy on carb diet. I have few choices and using gluten free grains. I am hoping that would be enough. Fingers crossed and praying almighty god.


    1. Hi Manish, I don’t thing vegetarian diet is a problem if it’s well balanced and you’re getting your protein and essential elements from your food or supplements. Protocol should work if you follow it. God gives us a head, it’s up to us get wise and use it. 🙂 Good luck and come back and tell me how it went.

  23. hello,
    you mentioned no dairy, was wondering if it’s to avoid calcium as such. thing is, I get PVCs every now and then and I suspect that this has to do with h pylori due to the fact that the biofilm can rob the body of essential minerals and PVCs is due to electrolyte imbalance. when I started the above regime with interface plus, my PVCs got worse, I was having PVCs all through the day instead of just 3 or 4 times in the day. this could be due to EDTA and as soon as I switched to the original ‘Interfase’ product, the PVCs stopped. but my concern is, if I don’t take enough amount of calcium in my diet, my symptoms get worse along with other resulting problems with low calcium. how do I deal with low electrolyte imbalance while going through this regime? I usually take yogurt to meet my calcium needs or a vegetarian calcium supplement. please advise. thank you so much for putting this link on h pylori. it has been extremely helpful. God bless you!!

    1. Hi Vikram, I mentioned to avoid dairy as there may be an issue with malabsorption of nutrients during H Pylori infection and lactose could be another issue with a sensitive stomach. Calcium has nothing to do with it and yogurt could be very beneficial because of the good probiotics, etc. Everyone is very different with their own set of problems so you’re doing the right thing by listening to your body and adjusting your supplements. Remember, you can always supplement with a good calcium/magnesium product, it should be readily available at any pharmacy, just get something that is well absorbed by the body (plus vit D and all that stuff). Good luck.

  24. Dear Sir,
    H pylori positive and just like other the triple anti-biotic treatment infact made it worse.
    Threw all the tabs and just doing mastic gums now. 2tabs at 8am and plenty of water and 2tabs at 6pm before dinner.
    Is this good enough along with lots of buttermilk??

    symptoms: Farting, belching, bloating but NO heartburn, reflux (thank god for small mercies)

    1. Hello Ram, mastic gum alone is only good to soothe the stomach lining. It, by itself my not be enough to help you get rid of h pylori. Buttermilk might help but again, the lactose could be only adding to your symptoms now. Do you have access to apple cider vinegar? I read somewhere there is protocol to use that vinegar so please google it and see what you find. Keep looking for answers with your local doctors, visist an Auyrveda or Chinese Medicine specialist and they should be able to help with local resources. Keep in touch.

  25. Hi Tadas,
    im ordering the protocol now,can i know how long this treatment last, is it 6 to 7 weeks? also what brand of vit e and d you recommended, whats the dosage you take, thanks a lot,


    1. Hi Meryem, I don’t remember what Vit E I took. Just get any reputable brand and you’ll be fine. I was on the full protocol for a bout a month, you just gave to gage how your system responds and how you feel.

  26. Re Tadas,
    Sorry i forget to ask you something lol, did you eat meat during this period? is it bad to eat meat or fish during the protocol?
    also what about eating dates, dry figs, prunes….do you think its bad , cause the body its depleted it needed some vitmanins …thanks a lot

    1. Hi again, I don’t feel there’s any science to this. Just pick easier to digest meats like poultry and fish, especially if it’s local. Dried froods shoud be tolerated well but again, make note how they are processed. Most dried fruit in stores have quite a few preservatives on them so again, stay as natural and organic as you can while the digestive track is so sensitive. Drink lots of fluids, that’s key. Good luck, hope you recover soon.

  27. Hi,
    i want to order VSL3 probiotic from USA to CA, but the probiotic need to be refrigerated because its live culture,i need to ship it to Morocco ( at least 8-9 days) Im wondering if the shipping without refrigeration make the product less effective.thanks

    1. Yeh, that could be an issue, unless they send it via some international courrier the DHL. Are you sure you can’t find anything local? I would pick most potent brand from your local pharmacy and give it a try.

  28. yes thats a problem refrigerated probiotics, im thinking o do kefir instead or this products with 50 billions, whats do you think about biom plus probiotic ( i dont think its refrigerated but seemed ok, but for sure i will send him the dry kefir grains and make mom to make him kefir daily , what do you think. thanks a million. meryem

    1. There’s a whole science when it comes to probiotics so I can’t say whether this will work for sure but it meets the criteria for being potent and diverse. Reviews seem to be good too, if anyone can truly judge these things 😉 Give it a try.

  29. Hope you doing well, can you tell me when did you take the aloe vera fillet and juice? And olive leaf and apple cider before or after meal, was the vit e and d help you a lot a guess, that’s good, yes my bro said his kidney or liver hurt, he said he feel like bloating in is kidney area, do you think its gallbladder….thanks a lot for answering evey time, that’s so kind of you, Meryem

    1. Hi, Aloe Vera before or between meals meals, same with olive leaf. Don’t combine too many things at once, especially things like apple cider. Not sure about your brother but it sounds like he needs a good medical exam with blood work, etc. to rule out anything obvious. My general rule when there’s any stomach ailments is to eat well, avoid raw vegetables (too hard on digestion) and take a very good probiotic. Please seek professional advice about his condition, no reason to guess or experiment. Good luck

  30. Dear Tadas Sir,
    Do u knwo if broccoli can help fight h pylori? I am taking mastic gums and raw coconut oil, while stomach is a lil better it is not gone completely.
    What kind of cooked veggies i must take to fight h pylori? I am willing to do anything to get rid of this nasty bug? Is apple cider vinegar better?

    1. Hi Ramkumar, I’m not sure about broccoli extract, please do more research. Probably all veggies are fine as long as they’re lightly cooked for easier digestion (Ayurveda recommends this). I’ve heard apple cider can be effective too as past of the protocol but I haven’t tried it as the main tool alone. Again, see if you can find more info about this on search engines. Be patient, this will pass. Your body itself is trying to fight it even without you helping it.

      1. Dear Sir,

        I am taking mastic gums and coconut oil daily, but its not helping much.
        Obviously it takes time to show results, which is why im patient.
        Any other good supplements?
        Can you pls explain what diet i must follow to wipe the h pylori off my stomach? pls help
        Any idea if cabbage juice can helop to fight this h pylori? pls help

        1. I’ve detailed what I could in the post Ramkumar, please do more digging about cabbage juice. Do you have any practitioners of natural medicine where you live? Give them a try.

  31. Dear Tadasa,

    I am taking lots of coconut oil and also that mastic gum and i see zero improvmnt. Do you think i can shift to something else perhaps aloe vera and DGL licorice tablets?

    1. You see zero improvement because it’s not so simple. If it was, I would have said that the protocol requires only two ingredients. 🙂 Anyways, I just updated this article and included Turmeric as something to try for sure if you can not obtain the rest of the supplements. As far your other question: don’t shift, just add those two to the protocol. Also DGL is not necessary, unless you have blodd pressure issues, the regular type of licorice is a more complete product and could be more effective overall.

  32. Hi,
    Thank you for all this information – hoping to cure mine naturally as well and my naturopath’s protocol matches 99% of yours, so I think I will add the monolaurin. Had a question about the section regarding avoiding filtered water. What do you suggest? Just drinking water from your tap and ditching the Brita pitcher or purchasing something? If purchase, what would you recommend and from where?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, as you know, water quality can differ from town to town, country to country. Get your tap water tested or call your municipality to ask about the levels of chlorine, etc. I personally allow to sit regular tap water in a glass pitcher for a day and drink it. I also use filtered water to make tea. I wouldn’t worry about water too much unless you know your town has poor quality for some reason.

  33. Did you take PPI’s while having these natural treatments? I have to be on one because i have an ulcer in my esophagus and constant burning in my throat and stomach. Apparently my ulcer isn’t caused by h pylori but by my reflux. Although i do have h pylori!
    I just didn’t want the ppi to ruin all the good work I’m doing

    1. Hi Liz, from what I remember, I didn’t take any during the protocol. Not sure how that would effect the success of the treatment via these natural methods but it’s always a balancing act. Try it all with PPIs if you have to and then continue without as soon as you feel you can do without the PPIs. The supplements in the protocol should still do their job against pylori, the only question is how effective they will be but time will show. All these supps should also help your ulcer, especially Aloe Vera gel. Good luck and get well soon!

  34. Hi,
    Thank you for this information.
    I have poor quality tap water, so drinking bottled water is also bad? What is a good source of water in this instance? I have been drinking purified water….

    1. Hi Linda, I wouldn’t worry about water if you’re getting it from some reputable co. and it has minerals in it. Purified could mean very little minerals so I would check if I were you. On the other hand, if you eat healthy and get a variety of food in your diet then you should be getting enough minerals. Do look into magnesium supplementation however as many of us seem to be defficient.

  35. Hi Tadas

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been looking for a comprehensive, logical & honest review on this subject.

    I was told 6 years ago after a gastroscopy that I was H.Pylori+, and recently I have been experiencing pain in my duodenum. The doctor has just done a test, to see if I am still H.Pylori+.

    If it turns out that I have a suspected ulcer, I will try your protocol first.
    I am very determined and will adhere to your protocol with great discipline.
    I am sure this is the right way to go.

    So, I have already got some of your items, like Manuka Honey UMF20 & the probiotics. I am using a different probiotic called ‘Primal Flora’, as I am little concerned by the strength of the VSL#3. This maybe a mistake, as the probiotic might be the key to this protocol, but I figure, I can always try your recommendation second time round, if my version does not work. The probiotic I am using only has a 20 billion count per serving rather than the VSL#3’s 112 billion, but I will give it go.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    I will let you know what happens in a couple of months time, whether the results are good or bad?

    1. Hi Charles, it is quite possible VSL pribiotic is an overkill and your choice might work just as well. Most importantly is to deal with biofilm and kill of the bacteria. Good luck.

  36. Hi, I’m here because I believe I’ve once again been hit with a resurgance of H Pylori after antibiotics. I’m not sure if anyone can ever eradicate permanently forever. I mean 50% of the population has it, and the chances of getting it again are pretty good.

    Just an observation – I had a negative stool test last time, and a positive biopsy test from the endoscopy. So stool is definitely not foolproof. I’ve heard the breath test is the most accurate next to having a biopsy during endoscopy.

    And also the Olive leaf – I’m not sure it’s a good idea. I think some of these things kill off the good bacteria too – if it’s a natural “antibiotic” that is. I know oil of oregano can kill off good bacteria (not mentioned here) because it is a natural antibiotic. But then, I’ve not looked into olive leaf much.

    I was just here trying to figure out whether to use VSL or mastic gum. I’m not big into taking a thousand supplements. My body doesn’t react very well. Mastic gum didn’t work much for me last time. I never used VSL for THIS issue. My last bout, after taking the triple antibiotics and feeling like I was going to die and then for it NOT to work, and taking acid blockers – and which threw me into diabetic level blood sugar levels, it’s the last thing I am willing to do.

    Interestingly I had idiopathic adrenal failure (short term) prior to my getting the whole gastritis/h pylori diagnosis. I have had gut problems a long time, and always take my b-12 and Vit D sublingually – both of which I was very low on at some point.

    I think from what I recall last time that what helped me most was carrot juice, Metagenics ultraclear (very expensive so not willing to do this again, and I think DGL licorice. I targeted more from a gut healing perspective. Not sure if I really got rid of the H pylori, as I never had a follow up test. I think glutamine sources to heal gut can really help. And cutting the carbs because they feed the bad gut bacteria.

    I still struggle with adrenal problems, but I was on steroids for a short period and weaned off. I think generally I’ve come a long way till recently with this bout of….who knows what.

    Very frustrating that because I was forced to take antibiotics for something else, my whole gut has been turned upside down.

    1. Hi Wendy, I took have had my share of mysterious symptoms over the past three years and still trying to get to the bottom of it but it is all related to our gut and nervous system health. I know that most people have H Pylori and it doesn’t cause any problems but I think that is because they have strong immune system and strong adrenal health. Plus I developed bad insomnia and then things really went down hill. I have read that H Pylori may not manifest with traditional symptoms and may in fact cause leaky gut and autoimmune issues at which point it because exceedingly difficult to pinpoint the source of one’s poor health. Anyways, many answers can be found in testing and yes the endoscopy with biopsy is most accurate. I think mastic gum should be no problem for you, certainly less problematic then another antiobotic. Why not try go the natural route? Yes there are many antifungals, including oregano oil that you mentioned but it’s not necessary to take them oil. Key thing is brake down the bio-film with enzymes and then blast it with monolaurin and mastic gum. Olive Leaf is a natural antibiotic and it will not destroy your good bacteria, I’ve taken it many times. Do take a quality probiotic but make sure you don’t have SIBO as that can make things worse. My friendly advice would be get off antibiotics, do the gut healing protocol and the thing that helped me most to recover my energy levels was daily Qi Gong which helps to fill the body with energy which then balances things out with our health. Hope you figure this stuff out soon!

  37. Hey,

    Just wanted to see if you’re still answering to posts on your site. Been dealing with bloating, flatulence, and feelings of distention in the abdomen. Going for my endoscopy next week. I tested negative for the h. Pylori breath test. Just want to know how things are with you now? I’m also dealing with shotty adrenals and i don’t handle stress or much of anything well.


    1. Hi Jason, let me know what you find out from your endoscopy, OK? I’m having very similar issues. If your gut looks all fine then you might be having methylation issues which have to do with the function of your liver. This is what I’m boiling it all down to – allergic reactions due to weakened liver function which is constantly draining the adrenals. I’ve tried a ton of supplements but this time it’s not as easy as dealing with H Pylori. I’m now working with a homeopathic practitioner and will give this a shot – she does see the same issues that I’ve boiled down to over the years – allergic reactions to various foods (histamine intolerance) and compromised liver (even though all tests show normal ranges).

      1. Hey Tadas,

        Will keep you posted on how it goes! Goodluck to you and all the best! My liver enzymes have been slightly elevated for some time. Hoping that goes down because it has decreased since last month. Take care and talk to you soon!

        1. There you go Jason, this makes sense. Even slight variations in liver function can cause serious health and gastro issues. If you’re not doing this yet, look into a quality silymarin supplement and try roasted dandelion root coffee daily – these two are awesome for restoring liver function, you’ll feel it within a couple of weeks. There are some other good liver support formulas, give them a try.

          1. Excellent, glad to hear Charles. I wish I could call it is “my” regiment but it isn’t. This was a protocol similar to what some others reported on their sites, I only modified it a bit based on my needs back then. It makes sense that less nuclear pro-biotic than VSL worked just as fine. Smart move on supporting your liver in the process. I only learned later in life how important it is to give some love to this organ and how vital it is in our general health. Be well.

  38. Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for all this sharing. I just got diagnosed and prescribed Flagyl and another antibiotic plus bismuth I think. It really scares me to take that for two weeks. Especially since many people have this and no problem. My PCP and GI doctors agreed that I could try natural protocol and then do a stool test. But during an endoscopy the GI doctor saw gastritis and pushed for the antibiotics saying that even if the stool test come back negative after the herbs there could still be H Pylori. And as I am doing research it seems that H Pylori could be behind a lot more issues than only digestive ones. I guess I am wondering if doing the antibiotics would get rid of it once and for all. I am feeling very overwhelmed and undecided.

    1. Renata, first of all please don’t worry. You can do one at a time and see how things work. Antibiotics is a by far NOT a sure thing and many report their symptoms come back, sometimes worse, due to gastritis flaring up after anti-acids are stopped but for many it works and they have no more problems. Anyways, if you do the antibiotics your good inestinal flora will be wiped out as well, compromising your immune system even further. Listen to your mama’s advice – always try the natural way and then listen to the doctor :-). It is true that h pylori can be behind a variety of issues but it is also true that half of the population has it but it does not cause any problems. You better ask yourself what caused it to spread into the gastro tract and cause problems? Usually it’s the weakened immune system and lifestyle full of stress and wrong food. How did you get diagnosed?

  39. 3 days into this treatment I had normal size but green stool, and today my fourth day into the treatment, my whole abdominal area hurts, and I barely had a bowel movement. Several pebbles and are still green. I don’t want to stop treatment, but I need to if I do not get a fast response telling me it is a normal reaction to these supplements..Thanks for your reply

  40. The third day into this treatment, yesterday, I had a normal sized but green stool. Today, fourth day in the treatment, I have whole abdominal pain and discomfort, plus I had constipated stool that is still green. I was doing fine before this treatment. I just wanted to get rid of h pylori naturally after a failed triple therapy attempt. I am thinking of stoping this treatment but would prefer not too, since I have already started. I would appreciate your response on wether this is a normal reaction or not. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Naz, what else are you taking besides Monolaurin, probiotic, mastic gum, and Interfase? Have you been clearly diagnosed with H Pylori? Non of these products, including Manuca honey can be causing green stool, unless you have other issues, but H pylori. Stomach discomfort is normal, I had it too but in case it gets too discomforting, I would suggest cut all your supplements in half and continue on a more mild regiment. Once discomfort eases it might be alright to up it a notch. Use your own judgement on this. Keep in touch.

      1. Thank you very much for your fast response. I was diagnosed with pylori via endoscopy. I have mild gastritis but no of ulcers. I take the 1000mg X2 mastic and 1200mg X2 monolaurin (both morning and night on empty stomach). I also take probiotics that I usually take, the “raw garden for life for men” 85 billion probiotics (spread out thought the day with food), I also added 30mins after mastic and monolaurin the probiotic reuteri 5 billion mixed with a couple of other probiotics X2 on empty stomach with manuka honey as well. I also take the following supplements, buffered vitamin C 1000mg, 1000mg raw Vitamin D3, “garding for life” raw multi vitamin, gastrazym, all with food. I initially thought it could be the gastrazym, but I took only one pill a day for 3 days and decided to not take it the fourth day to see what happens.
        I currently thought maybe I should just continue with mastic gum X2 1000mg and I am stopping the gastrazym, and reuteri probiotic. I will continue with mastic and vitamins as well as the raw probiotics so I know which of the supplements are causing this. I thought to start adding 600mg monolaurin, a few days after a few normal stools. But the issue could be mastic, I’m not sure. I also heard that mastic can cause malabsorption and shouldn’t be taken for more than 2-3 weeks at a time. Is that true? In that cause how would I finish this treatment if by the time I reintroduce the full monolaurin dosage I would have stopped the mastic. Thanks for reading my lengthy post. I wanted to give as much info as possible. I think I contracted the bacteria about 20 years ago, but without any symptoms until about 8 years ago I started having some on and off constipation which I ignored cause Dr was saying eat fiber. I was otherwise energetic and healthy but with a stressful life.

        Thanks again

        1. Naz, your garden of life supplement or the Gastrazyme product that might be contributing to your stool color. Read all the ingredient and see. You seem to be missing one of the most important supplements – the enzyme formula (Interfase Plus) or similar. I din’t think it’s the mastic gum but I can’t be 100% sure. I took mastic gum for a month and a half without problems, it is suppose to help heal your gut. Stressful life will cause a range of health issues, as you know so that would be my priority. Hang in there.

  41. Hi Tadas,

    Thank you so much for taking your time and describing this whole experience in details.
    I’m going to start following your protocol next week, and I have a question: what kind of food did you actually eat while being on this treatment?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Madina,

      Do you have gastritis as well? Just take it easy on acidic things like tomatoes, vinegars (except for apple cider vinegar), red meat and inflammatory food like cow’s milk products (goat is OK – different casein type) and glutenous grains. Don’t eat late (latest 6pm) so you give your digestive system some rest). Take care.

  42. Hello

    I still have Hpylori and its been a year and half now. I tried all kinds of herbs and my stomach is still burning really bad. My body is weak and weight dropping down to 100lbs. I want to try this protocol because nothing is working. My body is allergic to milks but do need to know what other protency probiotic that can be used beside VSL 3. Also how do you detox yourself from the toxics instead of olive oils and Manuka honey is sweet would that feed the Hpylori? My WBC are dropping and bones are aching, do you have any suggestions to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

  43. Hello

    I still have Hpylori and its been a year and half now. I tried all kinds of herbs and my stomach is still burning really bad. My body is weak and weight dropping down to 100lbs. I want to try this protocol because nothing is working. My body is allergic to milks but do need to know what other protency probiotic that can be used beside VSL 3. Also how do you detox yourself from the xtoxics instead of olive oils and Manuka honey is sweet would that feed the Hpylori? My WBC are dropping and bones are aching, do you have any suggestions to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie, when you say “nothing is working,” what do you mean by that? I mean, what have you tried already? Did your labs confirm H Pylori? I think only things like candida an yeast are fed by sugars, H Pylori doesn’t need sugars to survive so you should be fine with honey. Just substitute the probiotic with some other trusted brand, you should be fine but I would also include natural probiotics from kefir, kim-chi, yogurt, etc. If your WBC is dropping due to H Pylori then eradicating the infection will help but I would work with some experienced clinician to monitor your progress. Eat what Chinese Medicine calls spleen supporting diet: eat light. This means smaller portions, precooked veggies and fruits (to ease digestion load), white meat. Avoid most grains (especially gluten type), fried foods, spicy foods, alcohol, and cow dairy. Just go for it and you’ll be well in no time.

  44. Hello, could you please advice how to use the mastic gum, monolaurin and zinc-carnosine together? In the morning I take first the mastic gum on empty stomach, after that monolaurin with breakfast. And the zinc-carnosine? I read that it should be taken on empty stomach for h.pylori. So should I take it after the mastic gum? How long should I wait? Thank you!

    1. Hi Renata, not sure about zinc-carnosine – I have no experience with it. I took mastic gum and monolaurin together on empty stomach and had no problems.

  45. thank you very much for your information i will prove the protocol you recommend. i am trying to eliminate this bacteria for almost 3 years but i think i have it since i was s child. I’ve tried many methods to cure myself. Slophatic medicine, naturophsty, chinese medicine, biomagnetic pair, reconection, reiki, development of mental power, healing with symbos and water and everything has helped me. I’ve changed a lot because of this bacteria. Biodecodification medicine or new germanic medicine talks about helicobacter pylori..what means this bacteria emotionally. I will write to you soon. Infinite thanks

    1. Kate, many people have it, if not most but it does not cause a problem. I now think this happens mostly because of poor digestion fire. Chinese medicine call this spleen deficiency. This protocol will help to strengthen digestion but I would now also recommend TCM spleen tonifying herbal formulas like Codonopsis & Astragalus to bring energy back to our digestion organs and push H Pylori out of places it doesn’t belong.

  46. Hi,

    I’ve had diarrhoea/ loose toilet visits for 6 weeks with lower abdominal & now general tummy knawing pain & fatigue , I tested positive for h pylori with a stool test a few wks ago, one round of antibiotics failed to sort it out. Coffee/ live yoghurt & some cheese seem to make it a lot worse with urgent toilet trips needed.
    I’m going to start with the above supplements but the doctors have me v confused I’ve seen 3 now, the last 2 don’t seem to think my symptoms are related to h pylori (even though I tested positive) and the antibiotics should have cleared it up. Now they are wanting me to have colonoscopy, mri and ct scans. Which I’m very worried about. Is diarrhoea / change to loose stools a symptom of h pylori?

    Also I took apple cider vinegar last night for the first time & my tummy pains seemed worse today, does it not agree with everyone?

    Thanks for your help Kat

    1. Hi Kat, you may very likely have H Pylori concurrent with some other issues. Makes sure to test for parasites before you start any protocols. I would be very careful with antibiotics before having a complete picture as to what’s going on. Is there anything that could have led you to this condition?

      1. Thanks for replying, it started all of a sudden one day 6 wks ago I just started with diarrhoea & mild ab cramps & it’s carried on from there being mainly loose with the occasional solid trip . I have had about 12 months of getting myself pretty stressed up about various things, so I wondered if that could have contributed. The doctor has tested for some parasites but I’m not sure which, is there any tests you’d recommend?
        Does H Pylori cause diarrhoea / looseness?

        Thanks Kat

        1. Hi Kat, well intense stress will do that. In fact, it can ruin our digestion and disturb microbiome. If you tested for most common parasites and only have H Pylori then I suppose diarrhea is possible but I didn’t have it. Most likely you have what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls “Spleen Deficiency” aka weak digestion. Google “spleen deficiency diet” and start with that – just precook your veggies, eat light meats and fish, avoid hard to digest foods like gluten, cow dairy, nuts, mushrooms and hard foods in general. Avoid all raw for now. Add some warming spices like ginger, fennel, cardamom, etc., specially some fermented things for probiotics and see how you do. If you feel better then you know you have to be very careful and nurture your digestion back to health. However, if things don’t improve then you need to dig deeper for parasites, pathogens, dysbiosis, etc. Let me know how you do, OK?

  47. Hi Tadas…
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It is SO helpful to me and so many! I decided to do triple therapy -Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin and PPI Pantaprozole which is apparently the Gold Standard in meds for HP. I was shocked at my diagnosis of mild gastritis and h pylori through endoscopy last week though I knew I wasn’t feeling right for months. I actually feel I may have had H pylori for a while since my food sensitivities became extreme over the last 6 months but it wasn’t until i got gastritis that I started to feel awful after eating. Doctor prescribed antibiotics. I have avoided antibiotics for 40 yrs so I thought my body could handle it. They are powerful drugs and it’s taking it’s toll on me with sleep disturbances, mental fog, etc…I’m on the 6th of a 14 day course and will stick it out. I do feel much better with little pain – eating both raw and boiled veggies now and half of what i was eating before. At the same time, I am eating well with no gluten, dairy, soy, corn, meat (only fish and chicken) and taking, Manuka honey (just a bit each day quells sugar cravings!). Also eating sauerkraut/yogurt (no other dairy) and a 14 strain/50 billion probiotic (Dr. Formulated Fitbiotic. organic with prebiotics) that contains 5 of the strains studies say are best to treat HP…. Lacto-casei, Lacoo-gasseri, Lacoo acidophilus, Lacto brevis and Bifidobacterium infantis. Maybe I should take VS one you mentioned?
    Is it stronger? I am wondering if the antibiotics will make taking Monolaurin and Intrafase less effective so not sure about taking those until after 14 day antibiotics. Main point is that I am doing lots of natural protocol WHILE on antibiotics and am hoping it is still effective. Trying to make a plan for after the antibiotic treatment to get my gut back into shape after the antib’s kill all my good and bad bacteria. ***Doc says retesting won’t happen for 6-8 weeks after antibiotics so wondering if your protocol would do me well right after this “triple therapy”. I know this is a hard bacteria to beat so looking forward to eating so much better from now on. I am hopeful I will beat this and be healthier from now moving forward. Thanks again for taking the time to engage.

    1. Hi Christine, I would tough it out with the triple therapy too, now that you started on it. For some people, it does the job. Plus, it sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job supporting yourself through the process. VS is one of he strongest things out there but you might be fine with what you have. You can always do this protocol if things don’t improve with your current therapy.

  48. Tadas,
    Thank you so much for sharing you experiences with eradicating this nightmare. I had severe case of c-diff in 2007 after taking antibiotics for possible colon resection. I was given Flagyl which didnt help and then Vancomycin which cleared the infection. Since 2007, I have refused to take any antibiotics. In 2010, I had endoscopy because of acid reflux and diagnosed with chronic gastritis and H-pylori with intestinal metaplasia(precancerous lesions of the stomach). At the time, I did not know the metaplasia meant precancerous lesions. Dr. did not act concerned about the metaplasis as he did not even tell me what it meant. He wanted me to take the quad therapy antibiotic treatment for pylori, but I refused. I tried many natural supplements but none of had worked. Fast forward to 2010, 2017, both scopes showed chronic gastritis with pylori and intestinal metaplasia at which time he informed me of the precancerous lesions and said pylori needed eradication with antibiotic treatment. From researching, I now know that eradication of the pylori will NOT reverse the metaplasia. It will slow its progress into stomach cancer but not reverse the condition. I am going to start your regimen for the pylori but is there any natural protocol for preventing the progression of the metaplasia into stomach cancer? Are any of the supplements in your protocol contraindicated for the metaplasia? Any other supplements you think would be of benefit for both problems? Any way I can heal cell lining of stomach? Of course, I refuse the antibiotics because of previous c-diff infection, but know I have to find solution for the pylori changing the cells in my stomach lining into stomach cancer.
    Thank you for your help.

  49. Hello – Thank you so much for taking the time to share your information and ask questions. I will make a long story short. I have had h pylori probably a good part of my life and I have had stomach issues since I was a kid mainly bloating, IBS and the past 2 years ulcer like pain arising every couple of months. I tried antibiotics but had severe pain after 3 days so doc took me off.

    I am now going the natural root and have been collaborating with others who have been doing the same with success. My plan is to take NAC (2000 mg/day), Monolaurin (1800 mg)/day, Pylopass, S boulardii, Bio HPFx 6 caps, plant enzymes, black cumin seed oil. It has been suggested to me to take Bladderwrack but I’m concerned I may be more hyper than hypo. I want to ensure I deal with the Biofilm but at the same time I don’t want to cause other issues. Do you still feel Interfase or Interfase plus is safe and effective? and would these be a good substitute for Bladderwrack. Thank you, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, did you manage to heal your HP infection? I am about to start with Pylopass and I’m curious to know, if it works. Very little information is available for this German product, but comments on Amazon are mainly positive. I intended to apply NAC as well, but I cannot tolerate it, as it is very acidic (pH is around 2,3). But on other hand destroying bio-film is important.

  50. Mastic Gum & probiotics have helped me tremendously with my IBSD within days I was well again! I have struggled with stomach issues for years. Unfortunately, I had eaten a dessert & had some wine, & am now am back to zero again (??). I will follow this forum & try the advice to see if I can get well again, & try some f the additional healing herbs etc that the links were listed here to buy on AMazon..Thank you all for your help & info, much appreciated.

  51. I am sick from last 6 months. problem started with lot of gas and weakness and later swelling in my stomach and trouble passing stool and gas.
    Diagnosed with H pylori 3 months back and completed one week triple therapy. Problem increased with back pain and 8KG weight loss.

    gone through Endoscopy and colonoscopy last month and still I am positive for H.Pylori and results shown Chronic Gastrists and Intestinal Metaplasia. still loosing more weight and completed second triple therapy treatment for 2 weeks with no success. I have appointment with Gastronologiest after one month now.

    Can someone please suggest, I am near to leave my job due to regular sickness and bad health.

    any suggestion would be much appreciated please

    1. Hi Sunil
      I also had hpylori and the antibiotics did nothing. So I took Matula tea for a month and took interfase plus and nac half an hour before the tea. I also took 3G of colostrum a day and zinc carnosine as that stops the bacteria from burying itself in the stomach wall. I also took a probiotic vsl#3. This cleared up my hpylori after 30 days. Good luck

      1. Hi Lauretta,
        Could you give more details about the dosage please?
        How many Interfase Plus, NAC and Zinc Carnosine you took?

  52. Hello. Thanks to all for sharing their stories- gives me hope that I may be able to overcome what appears to be very persistent hpylori (did not resolve after 2 rounds of antibiotics so I am searching for natural cure). Can someone provide specific brands they took of herbal protocol like which brand of monolaurin, manuka, etc supplements and/or links to buy? Thx!

    1. Hi Ann, if you try the links I provided they will lead you to specific products and brands that I used. Good luck.

      1. Thx. Did you take protocol above for 30 or 45 days? And what side effects did you experience? (I.e. effects of antibiotics are well known but not so much on supplements so am curious as to what to expect). Lastly, I am curious if you may have tried and/or looked into pine nut oil? I didn’t see it on your list but curious if it came up in your research? Thx!

  53. Thx! Did you take protocol for 30 or 45 days? Also what specific side effects did you experience? (Effects of antibiotics are well known but not so much on herbal supplement side so I am curious as to what to expect)

    1. About 30 days and don’t remember any side-effects but I was pretty healthy overall and tolerate supplements pretty well. You can try and introduce one supplement at a time – couple of days to see how you do and then add another.

  54. Hi Tadas,
    Thanks for your wonderful experience. You mentioned that the InterFase Plus are to be taken twice a day before meals on an empty stomach. 1st time is after breakfast and before lunch. And the 2nd time is before dinner time. Each time two capsules. Is that right order?
    I have problem of getting InterFase Plus from Amazon because of shipment, so I got Biofilm Defense from iHerb according to your link. Is it similar to InterFase Plus? According to the recommendation of the product, it’s one capsule per day. Is it sufficient? Thanks.

    1. Hi Alfred, I would use and dose Biofilm Defence same way I recommend dosing Interfase. I would take one before each meal. One is not going to cut it.

  55. 2 yearsof suffering -let me save you alot of pain and grief-
    I have done all of this, tried EVERYTHING, been to 6 doctors had numerous tests and they say you have IBS,you have IC, you have stomach ulcers, blablabla…… they gave me meds that made me sicker in other ways.Then one day I read “the Clever Gut” I started using natural products and noting how they made me feel. I even wrote down how I felt after eating certain foods.I learned that artificial sweeteners and Splenda can ruin your gut and drinking tap water can also do the same. Everyone is different but I found several things that I alternate in use that seem to help Berberine,Matcha Tea, Fulvic Acid, Irish Sea Moss,Oolong and Hisbiscus tea, and Usnea along with resistant starch, green bananas and probiotics .Slowly over a few weeks really gave me some relief. I learned how to add pepper, Licorice , Ginger and Vitamin c tofood and supplements to boost the effectiveness.All natural foods abdominal cramping and aches are disappearing.

    1. Hi Tad, glad you found some relief. From what I hear you’re not healed yet. Everything in this protocol is natural and it works for H Pylori. Sounds like you’re dealing with much more. What you use are effective because most of your supplements are anti-fungal which seems you could be dealing with candida.

    2. That’s great Tad. Like you, I tried everything under the sun and then I decided to experiment. Eventually I hit on my cure. Beetroot soup. I make a fresh batch every week. I use mainly beetroot with a few carrots, ginger, garlic and some roasted tomatoes to add sweetness. Within 2 months my symptoms had almost disappeared. I have been eating beetroot soup, for lunch, ever since. Apparently, root vegetables cleanse the liver & gall bladder. I try not to eat any processed sugar. Fruit sugar & honey are fine. I have almost cut out wheat & bread from diet. In terms of meat, I only eat sea food & fish, but sparingly.

      1. There you go, Charles. Liver toxicity can cause various digestion issues. Glad you found your cure. Have you tried juicing celery and drinking on empty stomach in the morning? Try it and you should see even better improvements.

        1. I will give that a go & let you know what happens. Celery is an amazingly powerful vegetable in terms of the positive benefits, it has on the body. Thanks for advice.

  56. I sped read your article so excuse me if you mentioned this. Have you done a gallstone cleanse? Because if you haven’t, I would hazard a guess that they are what is causing your ongoing problems now that you have rid yourself of the pylori. My problems went away after I did a gallstone cleanse, best thing I ever did.

    1. Yes, I did John but much later on. It didn’t help. My root cause is mercury toxicity and I’m addressing that with chelation therapy.

        1. Hi Nikki, lots of testing, trial and error but ultimately by safely removing all my amalgam fillings and starting a chelation protocol. Ever since I feel like my health is slowly returning to me. Definitely look into it. You can also do a hair test and post it for someone to interpret on Andy Cutler chelation forum on FB. If you want to read more about mercury feel free to read on my other blog:

  57. Hi. Thanks for the information. Was reading that you might be suffering with Lyme’s disease. Cistus incarnus tea with whole least Stevia kills the Lyme’s.

  58. I’m just beginning this journey of possible ulcer. I’m hoping to have a scope next week. Until then I’m taking Carafate 4xs a day and Nexxium 2xs a day. After reading your article I ordered mastic gum. When would be the best time to take it? And with what meds?

    1. Hi Susan, have you figured out the cause behind the ulcer? Nexxium is more like a patch so try to address it mostly with a diet. If it H-Pylori then mastic gum alone won’t be enough, you’ll have to try the protocol. I took mastic gum on empty stomach, at least half hour before food.

  59. Good day.

    I have also have the H Pylori bacteria and i really suffer from burning pains especially at night. The first course of antibiotics made me so sick i was admitted in hospital and they gave me a pantoprazole instead omaprazole? Now the prescribed new antibiotics and im too afraid to drink it. My other doctor told me i must drink mastic gum and eat raw honey. So i feel like i want to try the natural stuff rather than taking antibiotics again. Is the natural stuff a 100% guarantee?

    1. There are never guarantees but this protocol helped countless people already. Mastic gum and raw honey alone may not be enough. Every ingredient in this protocol has a good purpose.

  60. Hi Tadas,

    Firstly thank you for a comprehensive article. Thanks to all others who have commented too. It’s helpful

    Tadas: Are you still active on this page?

    I did Quadruple Therapy for Helicobacter pylori Infection and on 4th day I felt awful. I started to develop Tinnitus on 3rd day of anti-biotics.
    Did not continue the treatment. Did a breath test and it obviosily came back +ve (Note: Before Quadruple Therapy blood test showed -ve)

    Manuka honey does wonders for h Pylori but not sure it eradicates it. But with other things in your protocol it may work!

    Also brocolli sprouts makes it inactive.

    I am about to start the protocol but with little variation. since I cannot get same products here in Canada.

    Manuka Honey -> Kiva Certified UMF 20+ (MGO 850+), Raw Manuka Honey – New Zealand (250 gr)
    probiotic -> biokplus

    Question to Tadas: You say to “Take the probiotic and eat a healthy meal, take Monolaurin with your meal.”

    So probiotic and Monolaurin are taken immediately before the meals?

    Question to Lydia: Did you test for H pylori?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Rahul, thank you for your insights. I believe the answer is yes and here is my reasoning: I wanted the supplements to be in contact with the H Pylori and not be diluted with other foods. Please work to strengthen your immune system at the same time. Good luck!

  61. Tadas: When I went to get biokplus, I was told that for h pylori ..dairy free probiotics is preferred. I am looking for it

  62. Hi. I just wanna say, thanks so much for this post. Super informative, especially your protocol and the when-to-take-what practical stuff! It has answered so many questions I’ve had and I feel like I’ve been on a parallel path of research recently. My mother recently passed away from stomach cancer and I’ve always had digestive issues and food sensitivities. I most likely have H. pylori like my mom did, but I will also keep in mind your interesting info about the VitD deficiency! (I live in a dark northern country) I also have like 5 super-old amalgam fillings and your post has confirmed all my suspicions and research about the root cause of my troubles. Completely agree that it is mind blowing. Who knew you could prevent a bucketload of illnesses and a lot of angst by taking a trip to the dentist. So anyway thank you!!

      1. Thank you for these links! I’ve subscribed to your channel and the Andrew cutler group on fb. When you say to be careful with the amalgams, do you mean the actual removal of the fillings? I understand that there is a chelating process that needs to happen afterwards, but are there also certain techniques I should look for when choosing a dentist?

        1. Yes, the actual removal has to be done safely according to so called SMART protocol. Be careful with ACC, I’ve since moved on because I hit a brick wall. I now chelate with OSR.

    1. Also – how did you protect your stomach whilst taking all these supplements? My experience with trying to go natural is that they irritate my stomach one way or another, the very things that help me get rid of the Pylori, are the very things causing upset and reflux.

  63. Hello Tadas,

    Thank you so much for your precious information. I’m quite sure I got H pylori during a trip to Costa Rica 4 years ago, because my digestion has never been the same ever since. But only in the last 3 months everything got worst with severe gastritis and nausea. So I took a breath test and it was positive.

    I’ve started following your protocol for the past 3 weeks. At first I didn’t know about Monolaurin and I was only taking: Mastic Gum, L-Glutamin and Zinc-Carnitine, Pepti-Guard from Thorne, DGL, ginger for nausea, apple cider vinegar and Aloe Vera. VSL3 and Garden of Life Enzymes. My symptoms disappeared after just a few days of taking all of that, it was amazing. I should also mention that I’ve been a vegan for almost 8 years and I more or less follow a high fruit diet with raw veggies too. I’ve now eased on the raw veggies since I started to feel sick, but fruit is the only thing that never causes me problems.

    So I was doing well, then I had a very very stressful day at work and got very nervous. I had a salad for dinner (because I thought I was feeling better) and I didn’t digest. The following day the nausea came back and the following night I woke up at 3am and for the first time had a bout of strong diarrhea. Today, still nausea, but better, bananas and papayas really help.
    I just bought the Monolaurin and added it today to the protocol.

    Obviously, I’m far from done with H pylori, and I’m trying to be patient but the hardest thing for me is to remain positive and not think about the worst.

    My question: I know you say Interphase plus is crucial to the protocol, but the Omega Enzymes from Garden of life have the same ingredients, minus two of them I think. Since I cannot get hold of the Interphase where I live, do you think the Omega has the same effect regarding the biofilm. I think this is extremely important to find out, but I’m not sure, what do you think?

    Thank you so much for your help and support,


  64. Thank you for this detailed article. After I removed HP 2017, I am diagnosed with Erosive gastritis. Sometimes I had pain and feel a burn on my chest and reflect on my back. Some days I feel great. Like never have anything. I do not know what triggers it. I did an endoscopy and the doctor said my stomach was red. I started treatment with cabbage juice and Olive leaf extract. I still do not know what it is: some bad bacteria or too much acid.

  65. Thank you for your information and helping others to fight this monster. I have H-pylori since 2017 which i did an endoscopy with my first colonoscopy. i didnt have pain but i started digestive issues so i thought it was a good time to do the endoscopy at the same time. I did not know anything about Hpylori and the doctor told me after the results that I have it and I need to do the triple therapy. i didnt pay attention since i was not feeling too bad and the thought of all those antibiotics made me think it will make more damage. Finally after 2 yrs I saw it is getting worst called the doctor and aske to refil my prescription. I took the first doses and immediately i had a severe reaction. My legs started cramping and in 2 hours I couldn’t walk. I stopped the medication and i tried to find out how I can do this naturally. I always eat healthy but I started being more careful. It was back and forth with the burping, indigestion but never had a pain. My son is a doctor and he give me an ultimatum that he wont talk to me if I dont see another doctor and take the antibiotics. After a month of not talking to my son I gave up and saw another doctor. Did the breath test and confirmed that it is still there. I explained how my medication had an adverse affect on my muscles and begged him to check with my pharmacy and prescribe another set. He promised he will. My mistake I didnt check with the pharmacy when I picked up the second set of triple therapy. I stared and again the first day i had the same reaction. I forced my self to take the medication for 2 days even though i didnt sleep all night and I was just ina very bad pain with my legs and cramping. Third morning I took the next dose and I couldn’t walk. I called my general doctor and he told me immediately to stop and drink lots of fluid and do a blood work since it might have cause a kidney failure . i called my gastroenterologist and explained what happened and he told me to the the CP testing for kidneys immediately. So thank god nothing happened to my kidneys but after that I was so worried how can i treat this now. I found a chiropractor who was dealing with natural medicine. He run an extensive very expensive blood work and told me to stop eating gluten, dairy, tomatoes, mushroom, potatoes and no sweets,no caffeine and no alcohol. I am taking H-PLR , Entro Vite,Beataine & Pepsin,Tumero-Se ,Trifolamin and Tri Omar Gluthathion. He thinks I have a leaky gut. i stared the diet and all the supplemts for almost 3 months now. i felt great for the first month and then after 2 months I started introducing some regular food very small portions. But my symptoms started coming back. What would you suggest for me to add or delete from my supplements. My blood work showed Hashimoto also. For years I was going for hormon therapy since I thought my insomnia ( waking up at 2 or 3 pm every night) my brain fog, my hair loss and dry skin and gut issues were from me going through menopause. I have spend lots and lots of money and it seemed my symptoms were not getting any better. After reading more i added the oregano oil and GSE grape fruit seed extract also. I will appriciate if you can make some suggestion to what should be my next step.
    Thank you from bottom of my heart for writing to us and making this available .we should only take our health in our own hands since i lost hope with western medicine.

    1. Hello Roubina, what a rough journey! It would be too difficult for me to untangle what you’re going through and you would obviously benefit from a very thorough examination of your symptoms set. I’ve had similar issues and then some and mine were all rooted in mercury toxicity. Have you ever had dental amalgams or been exposed to heavy metals in any way?

  66. Hello, I started my journey with the all the above pills and Manuka. After a week and a half. I could not tolerate the amounts of pills and felt weak and scared. I do not know if I killed the HP. I am trying to heal my stomach because anything and everything I eat doesn’t feel ok with my stomach. I did make an appointment with my GI in 2 weeks. Don’t know what the outcome will be. I have a feeling that I did not killed the HP. At this point I’m still trying to get my strength back. Still light headed a bit, I definitely have more energy and I’m finally getting 8 or more hours of sleep. Just taking it one day at a time. I have been dealing with this issue for the last 10 years. The last six years my doctor have been prescribing antibiotics, double and triple. I will never go that route ever again. I gained 40 pounds and cannot lose not even a pound no matter what I tried. I did lose 5 pounds these 2 weeks, shocker! I honestly do not where to start again.

    1. Sounds like a very long and chronic issue. Are you sure H Pylori is the only infection you are dealing with and there are no accompanying toxicities?

  67. Hey everyone , I am struggling with h pylori at the moment and it’s causing great anxiety. I started following the steps according to this website with the hope that it might help me as well. I am looking for something that would help with anxiety , you mentioned ashwagandha but from what I have read it’s supposed to be not good for people with gastritis or so because it might cause ulcers or have I misunderstood that ? Is it safe for me to take ashwagandha while treating h pylori ?

    1. Follow your gut feeling. I too would avoid Ashwagandha and use more gentle herbs instead. There are many wonderful formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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