tiny home massachusets

Doug Immel, a school teacher, built his own 8 foot by 20 foot mobile tiny house on a trailer in Massachusetts.  His new address is 0 (not a type, it really is zero). His super well insulated shack has a passive solar room which collects energy from the sun and helps heat the entire house.

Doug came out of the solar world back in the early 80’s from Northern California. He says he always loved the idea of all the energy we’re able to capture with more intelligent design.  He has small needs and a small home was a perfect fit.

It took Doug 3 years to complete the project, but he moved in way before it was all finished, and worked a full time job at the same time. The tiny home has a composting toilet, sleep loft, Dickinson marine fireplace (as additional heat source for colder days), and a well laid out kitchen.

Doug designed a sun room himself. His goal was for the room to generate solar heat and spread it around the entire structure.  As a result, Doug’s says his annual utility bill comes to just $176 per year.  Enjoy a video tour of Doug’s tiny home as he shares all the thought and work that went into the project.

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