Big sure Micro Cabin

If you ever tried to book a reservation in Big Sur, California then you know first hand how scarce and expensive accommodations there can be.  If you really love the place (and you must), then why not a tiny personal get away with your own bed, chair and a desk?

At least that is what Alex Wyndham thought when he designed this 90 square feet tiny micro cabin overlooking a breathtaking Pacific Ocean.

Dubbed, a Hawk House, this small footprint dwelling is really only a 7 x 9 (feet) structure with redwood bark clad from a local sawmill.  Carefully oriented to take advantage of natural lighting, heating and cooling, the home is aligned with the chief architect’s mission: “Create buildings that sit lightly on the land, become a positive addition to the surrounding ecosystem and are beautiful, inspirational places.”

The home’s passive solar design allows the home to be heated via carefully angled roof and glass doors, or open up doors and walls in the summer to allow ocean breeze to cool the house.

Big-Sur-hwk house

Big sur cabin

Big sur cabin architecture



By understanding the landscape ecology principles of corridors, habitat cores, niche biodiversity and rainwater management Alex made the cabin blend right in with the scenery.  A “hat” of the house is in a form of a green roof, all covered with native wildflowers and coastal grasses.  In fact if you were hiking in the area, you may not even notice it is there as the tiny structure is so seamlessly integrated between the natural and the man-made.

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