I am a huge audiophile, music is everything to me. I could have music streaming from every possible corner of my house. Naturally, when I read about AirBulb, which is an LED light bulb and speaker in one, my curiosity was quickly aroused. The only question remains, does this green audio tech gadget serve any real practical purpose or is all just good ol’ fun?


This is high-efficiency LED lightbulb with a small Bluetooth speaker built into the center. All device functions can be controlled via an app on your smart-phone. You can change the brightness, color temperature, and pick any tunes you want to stream music to it straight from your phone’s library or internet radio. Because of the Bluetooth technology you can also use it a speaker for your conversations.

Setup process is a breeze and there are no wires. Simply screw the AirBulb into a standard socket, download the app and you’re good to jam. No matter how many you’ve got set up around the house, you can beam your tunes to any number of connected AirBulbs and they will automatically sync with each other to ensure that playback doesn’t sound echoey and delayed. Pretty well thought through, don’t you think?

airbulb multi

airbulb 2.1


  • Simple and stylish design, easy to incorporate into a room’s décor.
  • No need to ever recharge a wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Wireless means you can avoid yet another plug-in item in the kitchen or bedroom.
  • Doesn’t take any counter or desk space and is quite inconspicuous.


  • It is one of those obscure categories of home appliances that someone, mindful of needless consumption, could live without.
  • It is stationary to one area of the house. Unless you buy multiple, you can only use the speaker in one room.
  • Someone who is privacy minded should avoid all things that can accidentally switch on. Come on, Bluetooth speakers are famous for many awkward situations. Plus, just imagine someone on the other side of the line going: “I am sorry I can’t hear you, please speak into your damn lamp!”

The project so far is doing really well on Kickstarter and when it fully funds, the makers estimate AirBulb should retail for about $65. If you find the invention useful, I’d say that is a pretty decent price tag.


AirBulb has a full range acoustic driver but if you are into quality audio, don’t expect an audiophile sound. It is for those who want to introduce music to a small room or office without having to buy a mini stereo. Personally, I could definitely live without it but someone who’s into smart tech to impress would undeniably find it cool and appealing.

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