Use Less Energy and Earn 70% OFF Coupons

Once in a while there comes a program that sucks creative juices out of its designers dry and delivers something we can all be proud of.  Green Energy Match (GEM) is one of those programs.  It is brought to you by the City of San Jose and is a cutting-edge energy-efficiency program to assist home owners and renters in San Jose reduce their energy consumption and save money at the same time. It provides a free online software that helps residents use energy more efficiently and presents customized energy-saving recommendations.

This online platform is San Jose’s approach to competing with nine more cities to be named the Coolest City in California. When a resident signs up for GEM this also enrolls them in the Cool California Challenge, a UC Berkeley sponsored contest between ten cities to see which one can sign up the most people and save the most energy. Other cities competing in the contest include Santa Cruz, Davis, and Sacramento. You can help San Jose win — sign up now and spread the word!

But the best part is as participants save, they earn 70% off coupons for San Jose stores and restaurants. This truly engages the entire community of our town.  We are really excited for San Jose residents to benefit from this City-sponsored energy efficiency program.

Please visit to sign up. You can also call 800-314-5997. This program is sponsored by the City of San Jose, Silicon Valley Energy Watch, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, WattzOn and Acterra.

07-14-2012 UPDATE:  We’re so close! The City of San Jose is close to winning the last finalist position in the Cool California Challenge. The last finalist is determined at the end of July. We have about 230 households participating where the current leader for the last finalist slot Sacramento has about 250 households participating, so we are right there. By getting to the finalist stage, San Jose would win $10,000 to put towards San Jose’s Green Energy Match Program.

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