When you are looking to spruce up your floors, there are several quick and easy updates that can increase your property value without causing you a lot of time and money. One of the main renovations that brings the best return on your investment is flooring.  If you are concerned of not being eco-friendly, you are in luck. There are a quite a few green flooring options available on the market that are pretty, durable, and that any future buyers will love.

Hardwood Floors

One eco-friendly alternative for hardwood is a salvaged wood floor. People are known to throw away old crates and barrels or to send to the dump remnants of older buildings like farmhouses. Instead, this wood can easily be cleaned, sanded and repurposed as a hardwood floor in your home. Once installed and sealed, these floors not only add character to your home, but they add the  beauty of the seasoned wood grain. Old wood can be found rather inexpensive at salvage yards.


Most homes have a layer of concrete under their existing flooring. This concrete or a recently poured top can be turned into a great looking natural stone alternative. Etching and acid staining can color and seal the concrete into just about any shade desired. Concrete also works well installed over underfoot radiant heating systems.


Bamboo is great for floors. Depending on the way the graining lays, bamboo flooring can look just like wood floors, or it can have a neat textured or patterned feel. They are hard and resilient, and bamboo is grown like wheat, quickly in a short amount of time. Bamboo is also mildew-, mold-, bacteria- and water-resistant.  Make sure to look into the VOC levels of the bamboo floor and opt for the lowest possible, no need for breathing fumes from an “eco friendly’ product.


green homeCork is normally seen in bottles and as bulletin boards or sign hanging places on walls. Cork is designed to be resistant to mildew, bacteria, and mold. It also naturally repels moisture. The best part is cork floor is soft and warm on bare feet, which makes getting up in the morning a little easier and oh so pleasant.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles make great floors. They are hardy and durable. They can be very slick, but texturing makes them less slippery. Many glass tiles are made from recycled materials, including bottles and jars. Just look for recycled written on the packaging.  Glass tiles make a beautiful, green choice.

Cork, bamboo, glass tiles, concrete, and salvaged wood are great eco-friendly flooring options. These are easily installed, and when you are selling your home, buyers will love the looks of them. Whichever flooring option you use, these environmentally friendly choices will add value to your home.

Article is a courtesy of HomeVestors.com, cash buyer of residential homes in US.

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  1. These are some great options for remodeling your home…especially kitchens and bathrooms where homeowners get the most out of their remodeling dollars when it comes to resale. Thanks for sharing!

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