“Cash for Appliances” is a program that will basically pay you to get a brand new energy efficient appliance.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, there is a catch- you have to share the $26 mil with other Californians! Oh, and you only have until May 23rd to get your share.

The California Cash for Appliances program is a three step process:

  1. Buy a new appliance by 5/23/10.  That’s right, only a few days left!
  2. Recycle the old appliance with a certified recycler or with a platinum partner.
  3. Obtain a signed recycling form, fill out the rebate form, and mail it in! Be sure to do so no more than 30 days from the date of purchase.

Retailers are pushing the EnergyStar products in their marketing, and on their sales floor to people who have no clue what EnergyStar means. Most importantly, it also gives us the gift of gab. This is a really positive thing to share with friends and family, who may not be so concerned with energy use, water use, and land use. It’s a great way to start a conversation with them at the water cooler, on VTA, or in line at the grocer.

In the 95110 there are fridge rebates up to $200, three washer rebates up to $275, and individual room A/C unit rebates up to $100. Suddenly, that new $800 EnergyStar 20.5 cubic foot refrigerator only costs $600! Think about it…it’s a 25% savings! Holy Smokes! No doubt, if you are thinking about a new fridge or washer, then now is definitely the time to spring for it because the program is over on May 23rd.

The Platinum Retail Partners make it really easy for you. In our area include the big boys like Best Buy and Fry’s, but also include locals like University Electric Home Appliance Center out of Santa Clara. How does the Platinum Retail Partner make it easy? Glad you asked, they provide:

  • Free delivery/installation (Hook-up) of the new appliance within their normal delivery radius.
  • Free haul away and California-certified recycling of old appliance.
  • Consumer with rebate and recycler forms and assists with filling them out.

As of May 10th, there have been an estimated 28,300 applications received and over $5M in rebates issued. There is still $26M in rebate funds left. Get some!

Full details at http://www.cash4appliances.org/. Check out it and spread the word!

Author Profile: – Thomas Amaral. Tommy, as friends call him, has a long standing passion for parks, open space, and community recreation. One of his largest goals is to advocate and encourage others to be good stewards of their communities.

He is a licensed Insurance Professional in California with an office in Palo Alto, and represents his clients through Farmers Insurance Group. Tommy specializes in partnering with green minded homeowners and individuals, who strive to lead healthy, safe, and secure lifestyles. 

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