West Coast Green 2009 was as informative and inspiring as ever.  Hundreds of vendors and thousands of people have gathered once again in San Francisco to check out world’s latest cutting-edge green building technologies.

I anxiously waited for this event and when the day finally arrived, I jumped out of bed full of enthusiasm, grabbed my mini HD camera and “went to town”.  In this video I interviewed a few vendors that offered some clever and innovative solutions on how to go “eco friendly” at home.  They were asked to give their “green” pitch in 20 seconds and describe the product or a service.  I had some fun at the end so make sure to watch the entire video…  Enjoy.

Keep your eyes out for two more videos where I interviewed a lovely lady from PG&E asking her why PG&E cares about sustainability.  Considering the usual behavior of big corporations all these incentives to “save energy” and spend less money on gas and electricity just didn’t make sense.  Normally businesses want us to spend more don’t they?  Well I got some answers and some of them will surprise you.

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One thought on “West Coast Green 2009 – What’s Your “Green” Idea?”
  1. Hey Tadas,

    Thanks for the video! I missed the show, so thanks for the inside view.

    If you didn’t have a chance to go yet, check out the San Francisco Acamedy of Sciences. Lots of great stuff about the environment. They also show you how they designed the building itself to be as environmental friendly as possible. Very cool.

    I just got a membership, it’s just awesome.

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