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Big sure Micro Cabin

If you ever tried to book a reservation in Big Sur, California then you know first hand how scarce and expensive accommodations there can be.  If you really love the place (and you must), then why not a tiny personal get away with your own bed, chair and a desk? At least that is what [continue reading...]

Beauty and Brains 1

Kristin Musgnug, an art Professor at the University of Arkansas and independent painter, wanted to extend her favored mix of beauty and brains to the construction of a self-sufficient home. Musgnug took her artistic skills and economic know-how and built her dream home, deliberate from the foundation to the fastigium. As with all housing, the [continue reading...]

evolve showerhead and ecodrain

We all know hot water costs money. We’re accustomed to paying for comfort and there is nothing wrong about it but if you’re like me – you’ll have your comfort but find some sneaky way to save on it (if you can). After all, warm water is the second biggest energy expense after heating and [continue reading...]

warka water from air architecture and vision

Imagine travelling six hours a day and having to scoop water with a trashed plastic bottle from a worm infested stagnant pond contaminated by human waste. For some people in Ethiopia, this process not only consumes prime hours of the day, it endangers their children by exposing them to dangerous illnesses and taking them away [continue reading...]

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When it comes to aesthetics, a green home doesn’t always have to stand out from the rest of the properties on the street. If you approached this new LEED platinum certified home in Glencoe, Illinois, known as the Slotnick Residence, the first thing you’d notice is how beautifully this house relates to the other homes [continue reading...]

Qatar Passive-House

Qatar has the highest carbon emissions per capita in the world; three times as high as the United States.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, “if every human being lived like the average Qatari, the Earth would need nearly five times more resources than it has”. Who can blame them? If you lived in the [continue reading...]

berkeley green house from car-parts

Architects Karl Wanaselja and partner Cate Leger have a goal for every project – shrink the ecological footprint while creating lyrical and enduring buildings.  Following their aspirations they built a unique small house in Berkeley, CA, called the McGee House. This eye popping habitat consists of 104 salvaged car roofs which cover the upper side [continue reading...]