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Talk about a place worthy of Guinness Book of Records and you might as well add a 6000 square foot house in Graceville, Australia that was built out thirty one freight shipping containers. This unique, three story steel mansion is a product of Todd Miller of ZeilgerBuild Architecture.

Personally, I don’t “dig” homes built out of shipping containers but I do appreciate the ingenuity that it takes to build such an “off the wall” living structure. If you are into urban feel you’ll appreciate the industrial nature of the building’s materials both in and outside of the home.

To add some urban flare, the architect incorporated graffiti art spanning nearly the whole side of the house, like something you’d see on a container if it were docked at a port. This style is further carried throughout the decor of the entire home: canvas graffiti in a family room, leather couch, antique furniture, and exposed pipes.

Overall the place features clean lines, open spaces and high quality finishes. There are four bedrooms with large walk-in closets and a master suite with tiled mural, mezzanine reading room, a pull out queen wall bed in the rumpus room, an art study, workshop, and gym space, and an outdoor saltwater pool in a lush backyard.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment was finding the right balance the home’s cold-feeling industrial elements and modern, warm and comforting woods.

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living room luxury home from shipping container

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halls luxury home from shipping container

family room luxury home from shipping container

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luxury home from shipping container at night

If you asked me, I’d say this is a suburban house for a wealthy bachelor sentimental of his urban roots. Personally, I feel freight containers belong on a ship to China, and I’d certainly cringe seeing this home (and especially graffiti “art”) in the neighborhood from my bedroom window. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from being in awe on how such crude industrial products can be used to build such a luxurious artsy home.

One thought on “Unorthodox Urban Luxury or an Insane McMansion Built from 31 Shipping Containers”
  1. Shipping container homes and apartments are the way of the future! They are modular, highly structurally sound, capable of far outlasting other kinds of structures, incredibly flexible design-wise, super affordable and you can build huge structures very quickly. They are coincidentally perfectly suited to preextisting building codes involving insulation and stud spacing. I am building a million dollar home from these, but it will not be readily apparent from the outside how the structure was built, thanks to cladding materials such as antique planking and etched or perforated steel sheets. My home will be a work of art, equivalent to a multimillion dollar home, but built for pennies on the dollar, with nearly zero upkeep. BTW, the home you featured in your blog is truly a tasteless monstrosity. Aussies!

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