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tiny home massachusets

Doug Immel, a school teacher, built his own 8 foot by 20 foot mobile tiny house on a trailer in Massachusetts.  His new address is 0 (not a type, it really is zero). His super well insulated shack has a passive solar room which collects energy from the sun and helps heat the entire house. Doug [continue reading...]

evolve showerhead and ecodrain

We all know hot water costs money. We’re accustomed to paying for comfort and there is nothing wrong about it but if you’re like me – you’ll have your comfort but find some sneaky way to save on it (if you can). After all, warm water is the second biggest energy expense after heating and [continue reading...]

berkeley green house from car-parts

Architects Karl Wanaselja and partner Cate Leger have a goal for every project – shrink the ecological footprint while creating lyrical and enduring buildings.  Following their aspirations they built a unique small house in Berkeley, CA, called the McGee House. This eye popping habitat consists of 104 salvaged car roofs which cover the upper side [continue reading...]

net zero home

The way we look at it is that if the house has no energy bills, it might as well be called a house that pays your bills. This Net Zero home in New Jersey, uses as much energy as it makes. It has no utility bills and it is (almost) entirely self sufficient. Some criticized [continue reading...]

bluebird front

If you had to imagine the greenest home in California, what images would spring to mind?  Would it be some clay, dome shaped structure perfectly exposed to solar angles, or maybe an ultra chic, boxy looking modern beauty with massive windows facing a valley?  What if I told you that this home sits on a pretty standard [continue reading...]

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When most people think “green” homes they imagine solar panels and fancy energy saving gadgets.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  We invite you to explore with us a passive solar home in Saratoga (Bay Area) designed by a local architect Hari Sripadanna.  The home has achieved a LEED Gold rating and truly stands [continue reading...]

menlo park green home

So do green homes cost more? When comparing construction costs of green homes there seem to be all sorts of figures floating around. Some builders say it does not cost much more to build sustainably, and some say it could cost anywhere from 5-20% more to build a truly green home.  Much of those added costs [continue reading...]

solar eichler

This was fun.  A beautiful day on a roof of an Eichler home in San Jose (off Meridian and Curtner).  I met up with my friend Jarom Ferriante and learned a few cool things about solar panels and foam roofs.  This is a home of a crafty clay artist – Harriet, who’s art is shortly [continue reading...]

passive solar room

Here is a great example how one can take an older home and make it more energy efficient with an element of smart design.  These home owners in San Jose could have built this sun room addition in an old fashion way but instead, they decided to incorporate a passive solar element that not only [continue reading...]

calaveras thumb

In a market where hardly anyone is building green in San Jose, this newly constructed house in Milpitas area stands as a monument of energy efficiency and inspiration. It is about 35% more energy efficient than a standard home and prides itself on green elements like engineered lumber, radiant barrier roof, solar water heater, energy [continue reading...]

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