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Green roofs are one of the hottest concepts in sustainable living today, but they are not without problems – one of the most serious being, if you try to add one onto a preexisting structure, you run the risk of damaging the building due to all the excess weight. Soil + water = very, very Read more


The modest Sunnyvale, CA ranch house dated back to 1957 and was causing the owners – Jerry and Charlotte and their two young children not a little discomfort with constant drafts, condensation and problems with mold. Some of the rooms were also outdated and inflexible in terms of layout. It was time for change. Actually, Read more


Very few of us are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s gloriously warm and sunny all year round. So if we’ve doled out hundreds (or even thousands) on an air conditioning unit to keep us comfortable during the summer months, it surely isn’t asking too much that it is also able to Read more


Top 4 Eco-Friendly Roof Trends for 2014

This year’s roofing trends put more emphasis on green building materials, earthy and nature-inspired roof shingles, and roofing styles that feature arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. The 2013 roofing trends demonstrate that the roofing industry is keeping pace with green technology while also appealing to younger homebuyers who are looking Read more

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Here is a great example how one can take an older home and make it more energy efficient with an element of smart design.  These home owners in San Jose could have built this sun room addition in an old fashion way but instead, they decided to incorporate a passive solar element that not only Read more


Many of us have had a relationship with the stock market of some sorts at one time or another.  Maybe you had more luck but when I bought into the hype in 2001 and lost a chunk in one week, my enthusiasm evaporated like the morning’s dew.  Then I came across a statement by Scott Case from EnergySavvy Read more


When many of us think of a solar home we normally envision a specially designed, carefully crafted construction .  Hardly ever we can think of a modest 1,200 square foot tract home in South San Jose as being a model for passive solar benefits that almost all of us can achieve.  This is exactly what Frank Schiavo Read more


We all love a good myth. “Goldfish have a memory of only three seconds”, “Water drains backwards in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Earth’s rotation”, or maybe “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s”.  It’s all fun stuff until we actually spend cash on things that we thought will do us good but Read more


Some say that remodeling green is an incredibly joyful adventure.  Some feel that planning, choosing, and fighting with one’s spouse over the colors and materials is more painful than waxing ears.  Whatever your position is, these tips will make your experience more enjoyable.  Most of this advice comes from experience or friends in the community. When remodeling green, Read more


Did you know that your roof color can actually affect your energy bill, your comfort in the house and even contribute to climate change?  It’s true.  Our usually dark colored composition roofs contribute to what is called an “urban heat island.”  The problem with most of home roofs is that they absorb the heat of Read more