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Living green has many great advantages but we all know it can come at a cost.  Often times we just can’t afford to make those energy efficient retrofits to our home. No matter how bad we wanted those double pane windows, we continue to put it off because we lack funds for the project. However, Read more


When you are looking to spruce up your floors, there are several quick and easy updates that can increase your property value without causing you a lot of time and money. One of the main renovations that brings the best return on your investment is flooring.  If you are concerned of not being eco-friendly, you are in luck. Read more

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Some say that remodeling green is an incredibly joyful adventure.  Some feel that planning, choosing, and fighting with one’s spouse over the colors and materials is more painful than waxing ears.  Whatever your position is, these tips will make your experience more enjoyable.  Most of this advice comes from experience or friends in the community. When remodeling green, Read more


Sure we can talk about green products like bamboo floors and solar cell phone chargers but with our homes accounting for a 21% of total U.S. carbon emissions, the focus is obvious – energy efficiency. If we really want to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint we ought to be honest with ourselves and start Read more