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So your home gets too hot and you are looking for ways of addressing the challenge. But how can you do it without installing another appliance and tapping for more electrical juice into the grid? My fellow Acterra, Green@Home volunteer – Tom Kabat presented this on the forum and it was too good not to Read more


With the modern push to eat healthily and avoid processed foods, many have taken to creating small (or large) gardens in order to grow fresh fruits and organic vegetables. The benefits of such a system are countless; however, there can be some serious drawbacks for an average gardener.  Here we address those challenges and want Read more


Are you still wearing gloves to protect yourself from chemicals in the kitchen?  Or perhaps worse, are you NOT wearing gloves to protect yourself from chemicals? Either way, you must be hearing about the increasing amount of research on the potential toxicity of common household detergents. What I’d like to offer you today is a Read more


When it comes to water conservation the solutions are not black and white, they’re grey. You will find it (correctly) spelled greywater and graywater but whether you spell it with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’ it is one of the smartest strategies for maximizing your water economy. You see, we in the state of California Read more


Wood has always been one of our most precious resources. Unfortunately, with over 7 billion of us relying on trees for survival and comfort, managing forests in a renewable fashion can be challenging! Where and how our hardwood is sourced makes an enormous impact on all of us – economically, politically, and environmentally. In this Read more


Very few of us are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s gloriously warm and sunny all year round. So if we’ve doled out hundreds (or even thousands) on an air conditioning unit to keep us comfortable during the summer months, it surely isn’t asking too much that it is also able to Read more

Decorating with recycled materials

When it comes to home décor that has been recycled or upcycled, there are only two real questions most homeowners ask: why choose such products and what is available? Okay, in truth you might be wondering, for starters, just what the difference is between recycling and upcycling, so let’s have a little lesson to start Read more


3 Green Lighting Tips Beyond the Obvious

Most advice out there on efficient lighting simply states what you already know: switch to LEDs or CFLs, embrace natural light, look for the Energy Star logo, yada yada. We get it. These days, CFLs are in over 70% of U.S. homes, and LEDs are everybody’s hero. But what if you want to go even Read more


How to Save Energy With Radiant Floor Heating

radiant floor energy efficiency

This is a brief exchange between members of Acterra’s Green@Home Community members about the joys and challenges of living with radiant floor heating.  The insights are offered by Gerry, who says “I am not an authority – just a guy that has lived with radiant heat.” QUESTION: During my work with High Energy Homes, I’ve Read more


OK you tech geeks out there who like to build your own stuff, you must have considered building your own or shopping for used solar panels by now…. Why buy used solar panels?  If you are trying to save money on your residential solar electricity project, used solar panels may be a good investment.  Not Read more