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Have you heard all the buzz about “smart homes”? Today, we want to share with you a new product which was just introduced to the market. It is a garden irrigation system which allows you to set up, remotely control and monitor your garden watering. We know, you have been using a timer for your Read more


One would think the last place the latest “smart” tech is going to end up is one’s garden but the solution inspired technology has caught up with us even in our dirt. “Connect, Cultivate, Thrive” is a slogan of Edyn – the smart garden system that lets you know what’s happening in your garden at Read more


We all know hot water costs money. We’re accustomed to paying for comfort and there is nothing wrong about it but if you’re like me – you’ll have your comfort but find some sneaky way to save on it (if you can). After all, warm water is the second biggest energy expense after heating and Read more


Imagine travelling six hours a day and having to scoop water with a trashed plastic bottle from a worm infested stagnant pond contaminated by human waste. For some people in Ethiopia, this process not only consumes prime hours of the day, it endangers their children by exposing them to dangerous illnesses and taking them away Read more


Anyone who has a tankless water heater can attest – while the energy consumption (compared to a standard tank heater) is considerably lower, these systems tend to be rather unreliable when it comes to temperature control and maintenance itself. ISI Technology inventors claim they might just have the solution with their new technologically advanced HEATWORKS Read more


Many of you may turn your heads and decide this is gross but the benefits of using human urine to create fertilizers is astounding. Not only does recycling human waste work efficiently but the environmental benefits alone should be plenty to convince you to start being mindful of new re-cycling methods Let’s face it, we Read more

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When it comes to water conservation the solutions are not black and white, they’re grey. You will find it (correctly) spelled greywater and graywater but whether you spell it with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’ it is one of the smartest strategies for maximizing your water economy. You see, we in the state of California Read more


Zeroscaping for Dummies: a Lesson in Climate Compromise

I grew up believing that gardens were green. End of discussion. But when I relocated to the dry climate of Idaho, I found myself faced with the harsh reality that green gardens aren’t always an option. I’d heard of zeroscaping before then- the practice of landscaping using mostly rocks, gravel, and other non-organic elements to Read more


Water. It’s difficult to say we lack it during this el-nino year.  You look outside, nothing but rain.  You open your faucet, it doesn’t run out.  It seems like it’s always there in unlimited quantities.  Hence lies a dangerous illusion that water has always been there and always will.  However, there’s been a lot of Read more


Harvesting Water from the Sky and Re-using Greywater

It’s been official for months now – California again is facing water crisis. Unusually dry and hot weather had eroded our priceless Sierra snowpack, the supply of much of our water.  Our local reservoirs have been low for years now. In addition, water demand in beautiful state is growing each year and our sources of Read more