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Anyone who has a tankless water heater can attest – while the energy consumption (compared to a standard tank heater) is considerably lower, these systems tend to be rather unreliable when it comes to temperature control and maintenance itself. ISI Technology inventors claim they might just have the solution with their new technologically advanced HEATWORKS Read more


We’ve all seen them and love them – those cozy recessed lights that are so popular around our homes. They are all the rage with builders and modern architects.  When selling a property, Realtors tend to point them out as one of the main features of the house. Well lit areas, nice shadows, what’s not Read more


Many of you may turn your heads and decide this is gross but the benefits of using human urine to create fertilizers is astounding. Not only does recycling human waste work efficiently but the environmental benefits alone should be plenty to convince you to start being mindful of new re-cycling methods Let’s face it, we Read more

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Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is being used increasingly in American homes. In fact, every four minutes, another American family installs solar panels on their home.  However, many Americans still struggle with misconceptions about the process and practicality of solar energy. According to energy expert Kevin Moore, president of Midwest Wind and Solar, “The Read more


The way we look at it is that if the house has no energy bills, it might as well be called a house that pays your bills. This Net Zero home in New Jersey, uses as much energy as it makes. It has no utility bills and it is (almost) entirely self sufficient. Some criticized Read more


When it comes to water conservation the solutions are not black and white, they’re grey. You will find it (correctly) spelled greywater and graywater but whether you spell it with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’ it is one of the smartest strategies for maximizing your water economy. You see, we in the state of California Read more


6 Hot Trends in LED Lighting Décor

The hottest trend at the moment when it comes to home décor and lighting is LED lights. These eco-friendly types of light bulbs offer a number of advantages – because they last longer than incandescent bulbs, use less energy, don’t get so hot and are 100% non-toxic. Also, they are very versatile and can be used Read more


Very few of us are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s gloriously warm and sunny all year round. So if we’ve doled out hundreds (or even thousands) on an air conditioning unit to keep us comfortable during the summer months, it surely isn’t asking too much that it is also able to Read more


Not Such Obvious Benefits of Oil Boilers

What are oil boilers? Oil-burning heating systems use oil to warm your home. Just as a gas boiler or a water heater use gasoline and water, respectively, as the fuel source, this kind of boiler relies on oil. The oil is made into a spray when it is pushed through a narrow nozzle, and then Read more


Zeroscaping for Dummies: a Lesson in Climate Compromise

I grew up believing that gardens were green. End of discussion. But when I relocated to the dry climate of Idaho, I found myself faced with the harsh reality that green gardens aren’t always an option. I’d heard of zeroscaping before then- the practice of landscaping using mostly rocks, gravel, and other non-organic elements to Read more