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So you crave that low-impact, low carbon, environmentally prudish living but what if you live in an older house, are saddled with a mortgage, or don’t have the cash to put into a new, green home? There’s still hope and it currently springs from Europe. The Superhomes Project in the United Kingdom is a conglomeration [continue reading...]

Midori House

These days, it’s easy to see that the focus is on saving energy and reducing costs associated with rising energy prices. But let’s face it, there is a huge difference between being verbally “trendy” and being able to supply actual convincing data. This is precisely the reason why attention has been recently drawn to a [continue reading...]

passive ranch 1

The modest Sunnyvale, CA ranch house dated back to 1957 and was causing the owners – Jerry and Charlotte and their two young children not a little discomfort with constant drafts, condensation and problems with mold. Some of the rooms were also outdated and inflexible in terms of layout. It was time for change. Actually, [continue reading...]


Top 4 Eco-Friendly Roof Trends for 2014

(Photo courtesy of CertainTeed Corporation)

This year’s roofing trends put more emphasis on green building materials, earthy and nature-inspired roof shingles, and roofing styles that feature arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. The 2013 roofing trends demonstrate that the roofing industry is keeping pace with green technology while also appealing to younger homebuyers who are looking [continue reading...]

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Energy Efficient Mortgages Piggy

Living green has many great advantages but we all know it can come at a cost.  Often times we just can’t afford to make those energy efficient retrofits to our home. No matter how bad we wanted those double pane windows, we continue to put it off because we lack funds for the project. However, [continue reading...]

passive solar room

Here is a great example how one can take an older home and make it more energy efficient with an element of smart design.  These home owners in San Jose could have built this sun room addition in an old fashion way but instead, they decided to incorporate a passive solar element that not only [continue reading...]


We all love a good myth. “Goldfish have a memory of only three seconds”, “Water drains backwards in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Earth’s rotation”, or maybe “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s”.  It’s all fun stuff until we actually spend cash on things that we thought will do us good but [continue reading...]


Some say that remodeling green is an incredibly joyful adventure.  Some feel that planning, choosing, and fighting with one’s spouse over the colors and materials is more painful than waxing ears.  Whatever your position is, these tips will make your experience more enjoyable.  Most of this advice comes from experience or friends in the community. When remodeling green, [continue reading...]

energy guru

Sure we can talk about green products like bamboo floors and solar cell phone chargers but with our homes accounting for a 21% of total U.S. carbon emissions, the focus is obvious – energy efficiency. If we really want to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint we ought to be honest with ourselves and start [continue reading...]


One of the best perks of making your home more green is that it makes a ton of financial sense.  Windy, rainy and cool weather is already here.  For the amount of money you may spend on candy and Halloween decorations this year you could winterize your home, reduce your carbon footprint, be more comfy [continue reading...]