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A home garden is a popular way to build value and comfort into a house and outdoor space. What better way to sit back and relax at the end of the day than by breathing in the aromas of your own flowers? Because gardening can be time consuming, not everyone thinks they can do it.  Read more


A small bungalow front yard is reborn as a shady woodland oasis of natives centered by a naturalistic fountain accented with metal sculpture.  As you’ll read on, you’ll notice from the photo tour that this new garden shows that sustainable landscaping can be accomplished through DIY talent and on a shoe-string budget when working closely Read more


So Mary, how does it grow?  With wisely planted trees and shrubs, and many sunny days without rain in a row.  It’s called water-wise gardening my friends. Did you know an average Bay Area home uses almost 80% of its total potable water for simply watering the lawn and plants?  What would you say if Read more

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Fake Grass, Synthetic Turf or Stepford Lawns?

Installing synthetic turf has become all the rage recently. It was even featured on some Bay Area local channels. Commonly known in the past as astro turf, it has been reinvented, repacked and now called ‘eco turf.’ It is being touted as the latest in green landscaping. There is even a striking list of ecological Read more


Harvesting Water from the Sky and Re-using Greywater

It’s been official for months now – California again is facing water crisis. Unusually dry and hot weather had eroded our priceless Sierra snowpack, the supply of much of our water.  Our local reservoirs have been low for years now. In addition, water demand in beautiful state is growing each year and our sources of Read more


The drawbacks of traditional landscaping are evident everywhere these days.  They include air (lawnmowers, transportation) and water (fertilizers and pesticides) pollution, harm to biodiversity, consumption of natural resources like water, impacts to public health and safety and just down right cost and labor intensive.  So more and more folks are discovering the joys of sustainable Read more