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What if you had your own grocery store attached to your house? And what if that grocery store saved you money on both produce and energy? Well, imagine no further; the day is upon us. A passive solar greenhouse, like the most famous one in British Columbia, could make endless, fresh produce a reality – Read more


With the modern push to eat healthily and avoid processed foods, many have taken to creating small (or large) gardens in order to grow fresh fruits and organic vegetables. The benefits of such a system are countless; however, there can be some serious drawbacks for an average gardener.  Here we address those challenges and want Read more


It is estimated that up to 95% of all flowering plants, 1/3 of food crops, and 1/2 of the world’s oils consumed by humans today rely on animals for pollination to assure reproduction.  Over 180,000 plant species and more than 1200 crops require the services of these hard working, often unseen bio-contributors and out of Read more


It seems not just that many years ago, imported food was considered a status symbol, no matter what condition it was in when it finally arrived at the table. This was just as true in Eastern Europe, where I grew up.  My mother used to be a “produce director” at one of the biggest grocery Read more


The big companies like Whole Foods, Safeway and even out own Trader’s Joe’s would never skew the truth… or would they?  When we are purchasing organic foods, green clothing, and dealing with green businesses, it’s imperative to do research into the suppliers of these items to ensure we’re getting the environmentally friendly products that we Read more