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Imagine being completely self-sufficient for your food, power and water supply. Many people all over the world do not have to imagine this because they are already doing it – it’s called “living off the grid” and for one community in New Zealand, it’s the norm and has been for many years. Great Barrier Island Read more

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Are you still wearing gloves to protect yourself from chemicals in the kitchen?  Or perhaps worse, are you NOT wearing gloves to protect yourself from chemicals? Either way, you must be hearing about the increasing amount of research on the potential toxicity of common household detergents. What I’d like to offer you today is a Read more


Buying Bad – How Not to Buy a Meth Lab

You don’t have to be terminally ill to run a meth lab but it’s probably not a bad idea. If you’re not already terminally ill, without some fairly serious precautions, you’ll probably end up that way anyway. While the main character in “Breaking Bad” may have very little to lose, plenty of prospective home buyers Read more


It is estimated that up to 95% of all flowering plants, 1/3 of food crops, and 1/2 of the world’s oils consumed by humans today rely on animals for pollination to assure reproduction.  Over 180,000 plant species and more than 1200 crops require the services of these hard working, often unseen bio-contributors and out of Read more

link between eco friendly living and happiness

For the uninitiated, living an ecologically friendly lifestyle may seem like a hassle, another chore to be added to the list of things to do every day. Being careful with the types of products you buy and putting in the effort to recycle and reuse is not what many in our society are used to. Read more


Imagine you’ve hit it big or you’ve finally saved up enough towards a decent down payment towards purchasing your own home and you have one major requirement – you want it to be a truly sustainable place to live, a green home so to speak. What’s important for you about the green home?  What matters?  Read more


The 10 Rules For Being Human and More

These days it’s easy to feel that worldly worries have sucked the winds from under our sails.  Everything from the economy imposed stress at work (or no work) to the most meaningless shows on TV produced to numb our minds can feel like eroding our soul and spontaneous joy.  And while it’s true that there Read more


We all know by now that toxins in our home can affect our general health but did you know that flame retardants in the house can lower your chances to have kids?  If you are a male then pay attention.  And if you are a female who has a male than also pay attention…  Recent Read more


It seems not just that many years ago, imported food was considered a status symbol, no matter what condition it was in when it finally arrived at the table. This was just as true in Eastern Europe, where I grew up.  My mother used to be a “produce director” at one of the biggest grocery Read more


Fake Grass, Synthetic Turf or Stepford Lawns?

Installing synthetic turf has become all the rage recently. It was even featured on some Bay Area local channels. Commonly known in the past as astro turf, it has been reinvented, repacked and now called ‘eco turf.’ It is being touted as the latest in green landscaping. There is even a striking list of ecological Read more