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So Mary, how does it grow?  With wisely planted trees and shrubs, and many sunny days without rain in a row.  It’s called water-wise gardening my friends. Did you know an average Bay Area home uses almost 80% of its total potable water for simply watering the lawn and plants?  What would you say if Read more

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Have you heard about the many rebates, incentives and tax credits available for you now or in the near future?  It’s been all over the media, and you might have heard about it from the President himself – Energy Efficiency in our homes is critical for a sustainable, healthy and fruitful future. In fact he Read more


A scam?  A rip-off? A deal of the century?  Ready or not folks, it’s here!  A solution that gives access to solar power even to the most cash strapped green minded suburbanites and… it’s brought to you by the very people who delivered us the sub-rime mortgage debacle. It’s called a “residential solar lease” which is a “no Read more


How to Save 5000% When Buying CFL Light Bulbs

So you’ve heard the benefits of CFLs.  When it comes to energy savings, CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps simply blow the regular incandescent light bulbs out of the water.  According to the Energy Savers Website, CFLs last 10 times longer and can save up to $105 over the life of lamp use.  Now that alone should Read more


Yes, making your home more energy efficient actually pays.  When Congress passed the financial bailout bill late last year, it included a range of federal tax credits and cash gifts for businesses — but also a suite of new and renewed tax credits for individuals who want to make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements Read more