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NIST House looks and feels like a regular house but actually it is a state of the art Net Zero Energy residential test facility; a 2,700 square foot lab at the campus of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in Gaithersburg, MD. Yes, a true energy nerd’s paradise. Folks who built it believe “Nothing Read more


When most people think of a fence they imagine privacy and aesthetics and few associate it with incorporating it into their home’s renewable energy needs.  However, there is a different type of “fence” that is entering into conversations more often, these days. This type of fence is designed to produce energy directly from the environment. Read more

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The way we look at it is that if the house has no energy bills, it might as well be called a house that pays your bills. This Net Zero home in New Jersey, uses as much energy as it makes. It has no utility bills and it is (almost) entirely self sufficient. Some criticized Read more