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We are always looking for interesting stories and projects to share with our readers. Please contact us if you would like us to consider your article. In order to stay within search engine guidelines I can only offer a NO-FOLLOW link to  your website. Obviously you’ll also receive exposure on our Facebook page.

Our five requirements are simple yet firm. If you e-mail me without following these guidelines, it is very likely you won’t hear from me back.  Please take a moment to review information below:

1.  In your initial email please send:

A. Title and summary of the article (I can provide you with ideas too);

B. The site you’d like to link back to in the author bio (to comply with Google’s guidelines, we can only offer a “no-follow” link and only if it is of value to our readers.)

2.  Please identify who you are and what is your relationship with the website requesting you to write a post.  Anonymity sucks.  In this day and age, online trust is low and the likelihood of building a trusting relationship goes up dramatically if people know exactly who are they working with.

Should we decide to work together, please follow these guidelines when drafting an article:

1.  The article must have have original content and written by a native English speaker.  Very important to follow this format for an article: 1. pose a problem, 2. present the facts, 3. provide a solution. Its should be not less than 600 words. Include a photo if you can.

2.  Articles to be fun and informative, something that our readers would really enjoy.  Please NO GENERAL information one could find on Wikipedia type sites.  It is critical the article has a personal angle, some humor and it must be UNIQUE and INTERESTING.  (So far this is where most of our guest authors who submit their content fail.  There will be no pass if the information is too general.)

Ready to get started?  Please contact me via the contact box below. I look forward to blogging with you!

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