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Vanadium via BBC News

In some circumstances you really can have too much of a good thing, or so utility company representatives are saying. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, more homeowners are converting to renewable energy like solar power. Especially if you live in Hawaii, where grid-tethered homes pay triple what most continental states pay. That [continue reading...]

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too hot at home overheating

So your home gets too hot and you are looking for ways of addressing the challenge. But how can you do it without installing another appliance and tapping for more electrical juice into the grid? My fellow Acterra, Green@Home volunteer – Tom Kabat presented this on the forum and it was too good not to [continue reading...]

cliff house chile2

Sitting on top of the world and enjoying unparalleled ocean views is the newly built Casa Till in Los Arcos, Chile. This is what a German couple envisioned as their private Nirvana spot on Earth and they got it. With the help of the local firm of WMR Arquitectos the couple raised a small, single [continue reading...]


Any energy efficiency minded home owner knows – maximizing natural daylight in key areas of the house not only lowers the electrical load but also brings enormous comfort and emotional wellbeing. When I lived in California I loved that blindingly clear bright sky but the winter nights would be so long I often wished for [continue reading...]

solar salesman secrets

I started a part time job at SunGevity in 2013. We were not even trained in the knowledge about leasing vs. buying. Mostly 20 year old kids trying to “get a date” purveying the people at Lowe’s for SunGevity – a total exploitation of the people to only offer the average 5-7% savings for something [continue reading...]

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Residential rooftop solar leases have had a good run in the market, and why shouldn’t they…? They require no money upfront for systems that cost thousands of dollars while the financial and emotional reward is immediate. Problem is (and we’ve seen it before), when a business model is built to benefit only the companies while [continue reading...]

SAFE solar fence4

A fence that protects your property and the environment? Seems we just covered a piece of an innovative engineering called Energy Fence (aka Thermosolar fence) which makes use of the solar, air source, and ground source, to produce energy via a heat pump, and now there is this… S.A.F.E fencing system that combines the functionality [continue reading...]

Solar Skin competition house- outdoor living

The innovative Dutch have once again prevailed with an impressive green technology that they’ve unveiled to the world. In the Netherlands’s constant effort to encourage cultural energy-neutrality, a team of student scientists from Delft University of Technology have developed a solar “skin,” a housing cover that will make homes more sustainable and energy-neutral. The project [continue reading...]


When most people think of a fence they imagine privacy and aesthetics and few associate it with incorporating it into their home’s renewable energy needs.  However, there is a different type of “fence” that is entering into conversations more often, these days. This type of fence is designed to produce energy directly from the environment. [continue reading...]

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bamboo house front

A team of students from Santa Clara University designed the 980-square foot Radiant House which was entered in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2013 Solar Decathlon. While their entry did not win first place in this competition to design and build energy-efficient sun-powered homes, it got the highest rating of any entry for comfort and [continue reading...]