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solar salesman secrets

I started a part time job at SunGevity in 2013. We were not even trained in the knowledge about leasing vs. buying. Mostly 20 year old kids trying to “get a date” purveying the people at Lowe’s for SunGevity – a total exploitation of the people to only offer the average 5-7% savings for something [continue reading...]

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Residential rooftop solar leases have had a good run in the market, and why shouldn’t they…? They require no money upfront for systems that cost thousands of dollars while the financial and emotional reward is immediate. Problem is (and we’ve seen it before), when a business model is built to benefit only the companies while [continue reading...]

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SAFE solar fence4

A fence that protects your property and the environment? Seems we just covered a piece of an innovative engineering called Energy Fence (aka Thermosolar fence) which makes use of the solar, air source, and ground source, to produce energy via a heat pump, and now there is this… S.A.F.E fencing system that combines the functionality [continue reading...]

Solar Skin competition house- outdoor living

The innovative Dutch have once again prevailed with an impressive green technology that they’ve unveiled to the world. In the Netherlands’s constant effort to encourage cultural energy-neutrality, a team of student scientists from Delft University of Technology have developed a solar “skin,” a housing cover that will make homes more sustainable and energy-neutral. The project [continue reading...]


When most people think of a fence they imagine privacy and aesthetics and few associate it with incorporating it into their home’s renewable energy needs.  However, there is a different type of “fence” that is entering into conversations more often, these days. This type of fence is designed to produce energy directly from the environment. [continue reading...]

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bamboo house front

A team of students from Santa Clara University designed the 980-square foot Radiant House which was entered in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2013 Solar Decathlon. While their entry did not win first place in this competition to design and build energy-efficient sun-powered homes, it got the highest rating of any entry for comfort and [continue reading...]

Larry Hagman, the actor who played J.R. Ewing, a Texas oil tycoon on the hit TV show “Dallas,” ironically turned into a super solar enthusiast.

Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is being used increasingly in American homes. In fact, every four minutes, another American family installs solar panels on their home.  However, many Americans still struggle with misconceptions about the process and practicality of solar energy. According to energy expert Kevin Moore, president of Midwest Wind and Solar, “The [continue reading...]


The House That Pays Your Bills – Net Zero Living in New Jersey

net zero home

The way we look at it is that if the house has no energy bills, it might as well be called a house that pays your bills. This Net Zero home in New Jersey, uses as much energy as it makes. It has no utility bills and it is (almost) entirely self sufficient. Some criticized [continue reading...]


Top 4 Eco-Friendly Roof Trends for 2014

(Photo courtesy of CertainTeed Corporation)

This year’s roofing trends put more emphasis on green building materials, earthy and nature-inspired roof shingles, and roofing styles that feature arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. The 2013 roofing trends demonstrate that the roofing industry is keeping pace with green technology while also appealing to younger homebuyers who are looking [continue reading...]


Solar Costs are Falling, But What about the Energy Payback?

Solar Panel Supply Will Far Exceed Demand Beyond 2012 -  Forbes Mag

The cost of a residential solar system has come down 33% since 2008 improving financial payback1.  However, have you ever asked yourself about the energy payback of the solar panels?  Energy payback refers to the length of time it takes a solar system to produce, or payback, the same amount of energy required for its manufacture, transport [continue reading...]