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We are so busy today–our homes, our work, and our families can be lot demanding on our time. But it’s a fact that life’s most soothing and exciting resources can be found right there in your own backyard! Landscapes offer a feeling of tranquility and peace. They are great for our soul, too. Therefore, when Read more


Beauty may be only skin deep, but the seemingly superficial matter of home decor, from carpet to ceiling fans, can dramatically shape your well-being on a number of fronts. Accordingly, we should view our living spaces holistically, not just as so much wood and metal but as a multi-dimensional network of interrelated factors.  Here’s a Read more


Adios Chlorine, Hello Natural Swimming Pool!

Swimming pools in California are awesome as folks can enjoy them for the most part of the year. You’ve switched to solar water heaters, energy efficient pumps, now what? The next step would be getting rid of the chemicals that make you smell like your sink’s water sponge after a nice skinny dip (privacy preferred). Read more


Very few of us are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s gloriously warm and sunny all year round. So if we’ve doled out hundreds (or even thousands) on an air conditioning unit to keep us comfortable during the summer months, it surely isn’t asking too much that it is also able to Read more


Zeroscaping for Dummies: a Lesson in Climate Compromise

I grew up believing that gardens were green. End of discussion. But when I relocated to the dry climate of Idaho, I found myself faced with the harsh reality that green gardens aren’t always an option. I’d heard of zeroscaping before then- the practice of landscaping using mostly rocks, gravel, and other non-organic elements to Read more


8 Cool Decor Pieces to Veganize Your Home

In 2011, India was forced to close 49 of its lucrative leather plants. India is the world’s third largest leather supplier and these shut downs were not from lack of demand in the industry or revenue. The closures were necessary because the nearby river was so contaminated with chemicals from leather production that the workers Read more


Top 4 Eco-Friendly Roof Trends for 2014

This year’s roofing trends put more emphasis on green building materials, earthy and nature-inspired roof shingles, and roofing styles that feature arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. The 2013 roofing trends demonstrate that the roofing industry is keeping pace with green technology while also appealing to younger homebuyers who are looking Read more

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So you want fertilize your lawn. But you also want to avoid using unnecessary chemicals because of their potentially hazardous effects. So what can you do? There are several organic solutions for feeding your lawn without sacrificing environmental health. Most organic fertilizers are made from animal by-products, most often from animal dung, say cow or Read more


Considering building a new patio or deck to enjoy a lovely weather but want to be mindful of the environmental impact?  Millions of homeowners across the country continue to use”standard” patio materials like asphalt, concrete and cement to support their patios because they’ve proven their worth time and again but is it time for new Read more

Decorating with recycled materials

When it comes to home décor that has been recycled or upcycled, there are only two real questions most homeowners ask: why choose such products and what is available? Okay, in truth you might be wondering, for starters, just what the difference is between recycling and upcycling, so let’s have a little lesson to start Read more