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It seems not just that many years ago, imported food was considered a status symbol, no matter what condition it was in when it finally arrived at the table. This was just as true in Eastern Europe, where I grew up.  My mother used to be a “produce director” at one of the biggest grocery Read more


Be Aware of What Are You Breathing this Holiday Season

Bring on the home decorations and holiday get togethers – let’s do it green and healthy.  The holiday season is here in earnest! A couple years ago I went to a friends house in San Jose for a holiday visit.  I was really looking forward to it.  So, I showed up at the door, gifts Read more

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What’s a Green Home and Why Do We Care?

All the TV shows, all the magazines and all the advice from our environmentally conscious friends about green living can really make our heads spin.  Is your floor off-gassing VOCs, do your cleaning supplies have endocrine disruptors, what’s the carbon footprint of your German Sheppard… Oh my goodness, some of this can sound like a Read more


City from Heaven with Pollution from Hell

If you ever think that San Jose is polluted or is not “green” enough then keep reading… Last February I had a fortune to visit one of the most polluted cities in the world – Kathmandu. Air in Kathmandu is so polluted, you can taste it in your mouth and your skin smells like it Read more


The big companies like Whole Foods, Safeway and even out own Trader’s Joe’s would never skew the truth… or would they?  When we are purchasing organic foods, green clothing, and dealing with green businesses, it’s imperative to do research into the suppliers of these items to ensure we’re getting the environmentally friendly products that we Read more


Meat the Biggest Polluter in the World!

Want to know the world’s top destroyer of the environment? It is not the car, or the plane, or some coal plant: it is the cow. A United Nations report has identified the world’s rapidly growing herds of cattle as the greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife. And they are blamed for a Read more


Did you know that millions and millions of dollars are spent each week on advertising campaigns to give us the perception that bottled water comes from some pristine mountain spring or magical underground aquifer, assuring purity and quality?  So I decided to put a couple of our local delivery services to the test and… it Read more