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The builders of the Cottle Zero Energy Home say their newly build luxury house was recognized as one of the highest-performance, greenest and most energy efficient homes in the entire California. It was certified LEED Platinum, Passive House, EPA Indoor Air Plus, Net Zero Energy, and was awarded a special commendation by the California Energy Read more


Recently awarded LEED for Homes Multi-Family Mid-Rise Platinum certification, Fourth Street Family Apartments provide a hundred affordable and truly “green living” apartments for families in the Silicon Valley. If you are looking for an office you’ll find them on the first two floors. The next seven stories are all residential units. Want to ride a Read more


If you had to imagine the greenest home in California, what images would spring to mind?  Would it be some clay, dome shaped structure perfectly exposed to solar angles, or maybe an ultra chic, boxy looking modern beauty with massive windows facing a valley?  What if I told you that this home sits on a pretty standard Read more

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When most people think “green” homes they imagine solar panels and fancy energy saving gadgets.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  We invite you to explore with us a passive solar home in Saratoga (Bay Area) designed by a local architect Hari Sripadanna.  The home has achieved a LEED Gold rating and truly stands Read more


Who said green homes have to look like hay barns?  Here is a great example of how sustainability does not have to define the aesthetic.  This was exactly the idea behind this ultra chic “Hillside House” in Marin that is on track to be the first Platinum LEED certified home in Marin County. Scott Lee, Read more