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The way we look at it is that if the house has no energy bills, it might as well be called a house that pays your bills. This Net Zero home in New Jersey, uses as much energy as it makes. It has no utility bills and it is (almost) entirely self sufficient. Some criticized Read more


The cost of a residential solar system has come down 33% since 2008 improving financial payback1.  However, have you ever asked yourself about the energy payback of the solar panels?  Energy payback refers to the length of time it takes a solar system to produce, or payback, the same amount of energy required for its manufacture, transport Read more


This was fun.  A beautiful day on a roof of an Eichler home in San Jose (off Meridian and Curtner).  I met up with my friend Jarom Ferriante and learned a few cool things about solar panels and foam roofs.  This is a home of a crafty clay artist – Harriet, who’s art is shortly Read more


OK you tech geeks out there who like to build your own stuff, you must have considered building your own or shopping for used solar panels by now…. Why buy used solar panels?  If you are trying to save money on your residential solar electricity project, used solar panels may be a good investment.  Not Read more


These are the tips that keep coming up from a few solar pros in the community.  They can be common sense but tend to be overlooked by most folks who are pondering installing a solar panel system: 1. You can save money by learning about solar energy yourself Now that solar panel parts are readily available Read more


When many of us think of a solar home we normally envision a specially designed, carefully crafted construction .  Hardly ever we can think of a modest 1,200 square foot tract home in South San Jose as being a model for passive solar benefits that almost all of us can achieve.  This is exactly what Frank Schiavo Read more


A scam?  A rip-off? A deal of the century?  Ready or not folks, it’s here!  A solution that gives access to solar power even to the most cash strapped green minded suburbanites and… it’s brought to you by the very people who delivered us the sub-rime mortgage debacle. It’s called a “residential solar lease” which is a “no Read more


How Going Solar Can Cost You Nothing

If going solar would cost you nothing would you consider it?  A few weeks ago I attended a small Green Business Show in San Jose, where our local vendors had a chance to present their services to the community.  These shows are always a great fun because green vendors pack a good punch of specialized Read more


Cooking without Electricity – Solar Oven

In the heat of San Jose summer, most people don’t want to turn on their ovens unless it’s absolutely necessary. I know I don’t.  A lot of cooking is done with a microwave, but the air inside a microwave also heats up pretty good, and let’s face it, the food just does not taste as Read more